Band collar shirt

The band collar shirt is the perfect addition to your smart casual outfits. This short, modern and elegant collar upgrades your look with ease.




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Band Collar Shirt - Elegant and Minimalist

Band collar or Mandarin collar?!

The band collar shirt is of military origin and was once used for the uniforms of the cavalry. Quite popular in the 19th century, the banded collar was gradually put aside in favor of the reverse collar. The banded collar shirt, a European cousin of the Mandarin collar shirt, differs from the latter by its two sides, overlapping and connected by a button. Both, however, do not have any collar leaves, but just consist of the collar band. The band of the Mandarin collar does not overlap, the two sides merely touch each other.

Given the reduced collar size and the fact, that the band collar is worn without any accessories, these shirts are particularly comfortable to wear especially in summer when temperatures go crazy. Formerly synonymous with austerity because of its military past, it is now a chic and practical collar as it is suitable for almost all neck sizes and shapes (beware of longer ones!). Its casual appearance is emphasized in particular by the lack of collar leaves, allowing the banded collar to freely follow the body's movement.

The banded collar shirt today

Work attire has nowadays become more and more flexible, giving you more freedom to express your style. The banded collar shirt is the perfect way to add a little variety to your wardrobe, offering you the choice of dressing elegantly or casually. For instance, this collar can replace the French collar shirt, adding a modern and casual twist to your outfit - Friday wear anyone? - however, it still remains more elegant than a polo or a t-shirt. You could also simply go for jeans and a pair of sneakers for example and your look is complete! 

Day- or nighttime looks, the band collar shirt adds a touch of serenity and charisma to any outfit: Combine a white band collar shirt with a navy blue suit and camel leather belt for a formal outfit or combine a blue band collar shirt with beige chinos and a dark brown elastic belt for a smart casual look. This low collar is independent and has to be worn without a tie or bow tie. Undisputed advantage: The officer's collar adapts to all body shapes, face shapes and neck sizes.

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