Linen shirts - perfect summer shirt

Linen shirt

Summer is coming... The shirt made of linen and cotton will be your best ally. 

Discover our variety of fabrics, made in Europe in the most prestigious fabric houses.

The linen cultivation

ne of the oldest crops in the world is flax. It is a crop coming from Eurasia and nowadays France is the largest producer of flax in the world. Flax growing is very popular because it is one of the most ecological crops. Indeed, it does not require much water and is irrigated in a natural way as rainwater is sufficient to feed its fibers. No chemicals are used in the process.

The benefits of linen

Linen is therefore a soft and pleasant material to wear, and its capacity to be thermoregulating makes it the ideal material for the summer. A linen shirt will allow you to keep a cooling effect even during high temperatures. This combination of materials gives our shirts a certain lightness and softness which makes them very comfortable to wear. So, to give your outfit both a chic and casual touch, opt for linen without hesitating !

A few styling tips

If you don't know how to combine your linen shirt for a casual chic look we have some ideas. For a day at the sea on a boat with friends, slip on a light blue linen shirt with an inverted collar and wear it loose over white Bermuda shorts. Don't forget a pair of running shoes and a nice pair of sunglasses. And if you decide to go to a restaurant to finish the day in style, then opt for a white linen shirt with an officer's collar and wear it with jeans and a pair of moccasins.

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