The wrinkle resistant shirt by Thomas Mason

Wrinkle resistant shirt

The Nines offers you a 100% natural crease-free shirt with a silky touch. Say goodbye to the iron!

Non-Iron Shirts for Men

Discover our various shirt fabrics, crafted in Europe's most prestigious textile houses.

The Shirt That Makes a Difference

At first glance, this shirt may seem ordinary. It might already be in your wardrobe. However, this classic-looking shirt is far from ordinary. As the name suggests, it's non-iron, allowing you to store away your iron and save time in the morning. Imagine heading to work worry-free about wrinkles and creases!


Which shirt doesn't wrinkle?

Looking for a shirt that stays wrinkle-free all day without frequent ironing? Choose from our range of non-iron shirts for men. Crafted with premium fabrics and advanced wrinkle-free treatment, these shirts ensure impeccable style, offering comfort and elegance without the hassle of traditional ironing.

Our commitment to innovation and sustainability is reflected in every non-iron shirt we offer. Through advanced and eco-friendly treatments, our shirts provide exceptional ease of maintenance while preserving the comfort and quality of cotton.

Here's how we make our shirts naturally non-iron:

Ammonia-Free Cotton Mercerization:

We use a mercerization process where cotton fibers are immersed in a non-chemical solution at low temperatures. This method enhances cotton's strength, luster, and color retention, thereby increasing fabric durability.

Application of Natural Resin:

To ensure wrinkle resistance while preserving cotton's natural texture, we apply a natural resin that tightens the cotton fibers. This treatment gives the shirt a smoother appearance and facilitates quick drying, reducing the formation of wrinkles.

Finally, meticulous finishes such as cold or hot calendering and the use of appropriate care products ensure that your non-iron shirt maintains its wrinkle-free quality over time. Choose a shirt that offers practicality and durability while respecting the environment.

What fabric for a non-iron shirt?

For a non-iron shirt that stays impeccable throughout the day, the choice of fabric is crucial. Here are the main options:

Cotton: Known for its softness and breathability, cotton is often treated to be non-iron, offering practicality and comfort for daily wear. Ensure the treatment is ammonia-free to avoid irritations.

Wool: Wrinkle-resistant and naturally insulating, wool ensures a neat appearance but may be less breathable and more expensive.

Synthetic Materials: Such as polyester or nylon, these are less prone to wrinkling but less breathable with a higher environmental impact.

Opt for non-iron shirts in eco-friendly cotton to combine comfort, practicality, and environmental responsibility.

Our Styling Tips on Non-Iron Shirts

The shirt is a timeless staple in men's wardrobes. The white shirt, in particular, is a classic that can be worn for any occasion, formal or casual, depending on how you style it. Whether tucked into suit trousers for a professional event or worn casually with chinos for brunch, it adapts to every situation.

Collar styles also make a difference. Opt for a button-down collar for a modern and formal look or a Mandarin collar for a more casual outfit. Our non-iron shirts are available in various collar styles. They embody the perfect shirt: you'll never go wrong wearing it, and you won't show signs of effort.

Our non-iron shirts come in regular and slim fits to suit all body types. Whether you prefer a looser fit or a more tailored cut, you'll find the shirt that suits you. Plus, these shirts are ideal for minimizing frequent ironing, saving you time and maintaining your elegance throughout the day.


Ironing: A Task of the Past

Our non-iron shirts for men revolutionize your wardrobe routine by minimizing ironing time. With their advanced wrinkle-resistant treatment, these shirts are designed to be machine-washed and naturally air-dried on a hanger. Say goodbye to long ironing sessions: a simple touch of the iron is enough for a flawless finish.

Each shirt is meticulously designed to reduce wrinkles and maintain a polished appearance. The sleeves and body of the garment remain impeccable after washing, preserving their professional look throughout the day. For the modern man seeking comfort and style without compromise, our non-iron shirts are a strategic choice.

Invest in shirts that value your time and appearance. Our high-quality fabrics and their wrinkle-resistant treatment ensure a perfect look in all circumstances, from important meetings to casual occasions. Opt for practicality without sacrificing style with our non-iron shirts for men.

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