Casual shirt - traditionell know-how

Casual shirts

The Nines advises you to match this style with fabrics that are more suitable such as linen, flannel, denim and chambray. You may opt for a less structured collar with rather visible buttons and simple cuffs. 

The properties of a casual shirt

The Nines offers you many shirts to wear on casual occasions, such as a outing with friends or an outdoor walk for example. We recommend the Shark or French collar shirts which are more sober. If you want to modernize your look, choose an reverse collar shirtsmall collar or button-down collar (for a more workwear style!). The timelessly charming Tunisian collar shirt is also very pleasant to wear when it is warmer.

In addition, some fabrics are more suitable for informal events. The Nines advises you to choose shirts with a soft and slightly textured fabric like Oxford. To bring character to your outfits, wear denim or raw chambray or stone-washed shirts. Some fabrics are ideal for a particular season: cotton and linen shirts, very airy, will keep you cool during hot weather while flannel shirts will keep you warm when it is cold outside.

Put aside your cufflinks and opt for simple wrists. The casual shirt is usually worn with visible buttons for a more relaxed look.

Wear the casual shirt with style

The casual shirt will go very well with some sweatpants. For a modern and impeccable outfit, match your casual shirt with a suit jacket (with a pocket in similar colours or patterns) or a denim jacket. You can also wrap a sweater around your neck or wear it with your casual shirt slightly protruding. When you go out, you can wear a casual shirt under a leather blazer or trench coat.

The casual shirt is best worn out of the pants. Nevertheless, you can put it in your pants and wear a belt with a colour or pattern that is already present on your outfit (to show that you pay attention to the association of the pieces). Depending on your preferences, choose a chino, rolled up jeans or pants with or without patterns. For a more chic look, go out with pinch pants! Finally, shorts are a must for the beach with an open casual shirt.

Put on a pair of moccasins or derbies for a refined effect. If you like very fashionable sneakers, choose a plain pair to go with your casual shirt. In summer, go to the sand with a casual shirt and sneakers! However, when winter arrives, wear leather or suede boots.