Tab collar shirts - Traditional know-how

Tab collar shirt

The tab collar, whose two flaps are fastened behind the tie knot, is an unusual collar, which is particularly suitable for high tie knots.

Why wear the tab collar?

The tab collar, whose two points are connected by a fabric tab and a small button behind the tie knot, is an ideal collar for high tie knots. It is a collar that is suitable for all festive occasions, but also for every day. In addition to the elegance of this collar, there is another practical advantage : the hidden fabric tab ensures that the tie stays in place and doesn't slip, even when it moves.

In addition to its chic style, the tab collar shirt has double cuff, to wear cufflinks. All this makes this shirt a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe.

Where does the tab collar come from?

Originally, the Prince of Wales wore this collar during a trip to the United States. People were surprised by this collar and by the prince's style. They were particularly interested by the small button connecting the two parts of the collar keeping the tie in place.

We recommend that you wear this collar with normal width ties or a slim tie, as this is the best way to highlight it. The button tab prevents the collar from moving and discreetly lifts the tie.

Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond, as well as Jude Law, Jack Lang and Karl Lagerfeld are famous carriers of this collar.