Leather belts - Traditional know-how

Leather belts

Created by tanning animal skins and used in a universal way, this naturally noble material has never ceased reinventing itself to withstand time. Our Italian tannery accurately selects full grain leather to offer quality products. Braided, wide or narrow, in leather or smooth, in rawhide or in suede, our belts are made with the greatest care for a strong durability.

Our full grain leather

At The Nines, all our belts are made from full grain leather, regardless of the style (nubuck, smooth leather, grained leather...). This allows us to offer you Italian leather with a perfect finish.

We select the most dense and homogeneous upper part of the hide, which is then lightly sanded. This allows the leather to be more homogeneous as well as smoother and stronger. Your belt will stand the test of time and develop a uniform patina.

Choosing your finish

Depending on the occasion on which you'll be wearing your belt, you can decide which style of leather to choose. Smooth leather is the most popular leather for suit belts. It's a must-have for formal occasions and they go great with suit trousers.

Grained leather, on the other hand, is more casual. Its textured appearance with visible grain is obtained by working the leather at the time of tanning to create some relief. This helps give character to your belt and outfit. Grained leather is worn in a less formal context than smooth leather.

Vegetable tanning

Tanning is an essential process that allows the leather to become softer, more water resistant and longer-lasting. This process is generally carried out using products such as chromium, which is especially harmful to the environment. However, taking on an eco-responsible approach, we've chosen to use vegetable tanning so as to respect the environment.

Our belts are tanned using tannin, a natural substance found in many plants. In addition to being environmentally friendly, vegetable tanning allows the leather of our belts to be stronger, have a deeper colour and develop an elegant patina over time.

Choosing the right width

The width of a belt is an element to take into consideration depending on which trousers you want to wear it with.

With suit trousers, the suit belt should not be too imposing. We therefore recommend choosing a narrow belt measuring 30 mm. If you're opting for more casual trousers like a chino, you can afford to wear a belt averaging 35 mm in width. Finally, if you're going with jeans, you can go all out and wear a wider, more imposing belt of 40 mm.