Suede belts - Traditional manufacturing

Suede belts

Suede leather or suede owes its velvety aspect to the sanding of the back of the animal skin, called the " flesh side ". Originally used for glove-making, this material is particularly used for belts today. This kind of leather work allows a finish allying sweetness and flexibility. Quality and elegance are combined in an original and sober style. Come to choose your suede belt in our wide colour range!

Suede leather

Suede leather, also called velvet leather, is a full grain leather made from the back of the hide; i.e. the flesh side. Choosing this part makes it possible to obtain a soft and supple leather that stays resistant. In order to obtain a velvety finish, the upside-down hide is gently sanded.

Suede leather is not to be confused with nubuck, which is also sanded, but is not turned upside-down.

Full grain leather and vegetable tanning

So as to offer you a high-quality suede leather belt, we've gone for full grain leather, not split leather. The key is to choose which part of the animal hide has the highest fibre density, thus ensuring the leather is resistant and has an even more pleasant feel.

Vegetable tanning is carried out to make the leather softer while allowing the belt to develop an elegant patina over time. Using vegetable, not chromium-based, tannins allows us to help preserve the environment and to ensure that tanners aren't exposed to pollutants.