Leather gloves

Made from exceptional deer and calf leather, we worked with our Neapolitan workshop to offer you leather gloves for men with character that will accompany you gently throughout winter. 








15 € - 105 €

Leather gloves - Traditional Know-How

Durable leather produced in Italy

For our gloves we wanted a superior quality to offer you products that last long and age with time. As far as our belts are concerned, we chose the expertise of an Italian manufacturer for the processing of leather. The Naples-based glove factory has been producing gloves with different leathers by hand for several decades. For our new gloves we have selected deer and calf leather.

Deer skin is undoubtedly one of the best in the world of glove manufacturing because it combines strength and flexibility. It also has the advantage that it develops very few wrinkles, the irregular grain give sit a natural and rough appearance. Calf skin, with its fine grain, is smoother and differs from deer in its very soft feel. Ideal for gloves with a classic elegant style.

The lining is just as important as the leather, because it's the part you are in constant contact with. That's the reason why it's so important that it matches the leather. We have chosen cashmere. As with our cashmere caps and socks, you can enjoy the softness of this wool.

A timeless style and clean surfaces

With a small accessory, the details are important. Like the top stitched seams on the back of the glove for a simple and timeless style. You will appreciate the elastic cuffs on the deer skin gloves that protect you from the cold. The visible back seams are a perfect match for the casual and slightly rustic style of the leather. As for the calf skin gloves, we found it interesting to make the spaces between the fingers from a different material to give the whole a character and a touch of originality. That's why we chose suede. In addition, small comfort slits on the wrist make it easier to put on the gloves.

The simple colours of our 6 new gloves are a perfect match for your outfit. Remember: you can match the colour of your pair with your belt or other winter accessories (scarf, cap). Make sure that the leather relaxes during use, so put on your gloves gently. Because gloves that are too big are not only less aesthetic, they also let the cold in !

As for care, a little moisturesing leather milk once a year – your gloves will thank you!

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