Knitwear for men


Knitwear is as essential to the capsule wardrobe as socks and underwear. From the classic round collar, to the elegant turtleneck, to the versatile cardigan, fine knit sweaters made from high-quality, mulesing-free merino wool will keep you warm all year round.

Knitwear: from underwear to the biggest luxury houses

Knitwear, according to technical definition is an isolated loop of yarn. But where exactly does the term knitwear come from? Before 1900, knitwear was only used for underwear or hats. It wasn't until 1920 that the first real knitwear clothing appeared, thanks to Jacques Rodier, who produced the first knitted fabrics. Since Gabrielle Chanel was very enthusiastic about knitwear, she bought Jacques Rodier's fabrics to start a large knitwear production. And this is how the first knitted dress was made.


Fine knitwear or in other words: absolute comfort.

Nowadays, knitwear belongs in every closet just like underwear or T-shirts. Besides socks, various other essentials such as sweaters or scarves are part of the knitwear category. And that's because knitwear is super comfortable and, when made from natural materials like wool or cashmere, keeps you wonderfully warm.

Knitwear in all its forms

In our knitwear collection you will find crewneck sweaters as well as turtlenecks or cardigans. Made from mulesing-free merino wool and produced according to the meticulous and resource-saving fully-fashioned manufacturing method, we have designed our knitwear to be timelessly elegant basics that can be easily combined with your other garments.