Suits - Half canvas construction and italian fabrics - The Nines


For you to want to wear a suit, it must not only drape well, but also be comfortable! For this we rely on the solid and durable half-canvas construction, the most beautiful fabrics from renown italian weavers and a careful tailoring worthy of custom-made.

The Nines suits: an invitation to travel

There is always a reason that drives a man to wear a suit, he needs to feel above all able to move, at ease and like himself. The Nines offers a collection of quality suits that are a pleasure to wear and which combine style and elegance with comfort. The Nines suits are a veritable invitation to delve into the brand's world of suits, which offers suits that are both elegant and reasonably priced. The Nines suits invite you to embark on three types of trips...

A journey between French elegance and European expertise

With the goal in mind to offer superior quality, the manufacturing of our suits takes place in one of the most reputed workshops in Portugal, which has been making suits for the greatest designers for decades. We pay special attention to the details in order to offer bespoke-quality suits. Travel through Portugal and France, and discover our suits instore in Paris.

A journey through time: from semi-traditional manufacturing to modern, tailored cuts

Our suits are made in a semi-traditional manner, which is associated with traditional horsehair interfacing, with 18th century tailoring techniques and more modern hot-melt interfacing. The highest part of the jacket, much more desirable, is made in a traditional manner in order for the jacket to take on its shape more easily. The lower part of the jacket, much less desirable, is made of hot-melt. Moreover, our suits are cut in a way so as to offer a modern, tailored fit that suits most body shapes.

An imaginary journey, feeling at ease and carefree in one's suit

The fabric used is selected with care so as to offer lightweight and pleasant materials that ensure perfect suit functionality. We pay special attention to the details in order to offer you an elegant and comfortable suit that allows you to feel good and carefree, whether you wear your suit every day, while traveling or for special occasions.