Work jacket for men

Work jacket

The work jacket embodies the perfect fusion of functionality and style, offering comfort, protection and versatility to those who wear it.

Men's work jacket = comfort + practicality

The men's work jacket is much more than just a utilitarian garment; it's an iconic piece of menswear that combines functionality, durability and style. Over the centuries, it has evolved to become a symbol of workers' commitment and struggle. In this in-depth exploration, let's delve into the fascinating history of the work jacket, discover its practical benefits, examine the essential criteria for choosing the right one, explore the different ways of wearing it with elegance and casualness, and learn to distinguish the different materials that make it up. Get ready to discover the very essence of this iconic piece and find the one that will become your everyday ally.

What is a work jacket and what is its history ?

The work jacket, also known as 'overalls', is much more than just a utility garment. It represents the perfect blend of functionality, durability and style, offering protection from the elements while adding a touch of ruggedness to the wearer's outfit. Its history dates back several centuries, when manual workers felt the need for clothing adapted to their demanding working environments. Initially made from robust materials such as canvas cotton or linen/cotton blends, the work jacket was designed to offer essential freedom of movement during demanding tasks, while providing practical pockets for storing tools and accessories. Over time, it became a symbol of hard work, determination and style, adopted by various segments of society. Today, the work jacket continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of workers, while retaining its essence of functionality and authenticity.


What are the advantages of a work jacket ?

Men's work jackets offer a number of key benefits. Firstly, it provides reliable protection against the elements thanks to its robust materials such as cotton canvas. Secondly, its multiple practical pockets keep tools and accessories close at hand, improving efficiency in the workplace. What's more, its wear-resistance ensures exceptional durability, even in tough working conditions. Its comfortable fit and ergonomic cut offer optimum freedom of movement, essential for physically demanding tasks.


How do you choose the right work jacket based on its features ?

When choosing the ideal work jacket, it's crucial to consider a number of key features. Firstly, the quality of the materials used is essential to ensure durability and comfort, with a preference for robust fabrics and natural fibres such as cotton or linen. Secondly, the strength of the seams ensures that the jacket can withstand tough working conditions. Multiple pockets are an important criterion for easy storage of essential tools and accessories in the field.


The cut and waist should be close-fitting to allow maximum freedom of movement without sacrificing style. The use of buttons for fastening rather than zips ensures a classic, functional style. What's more, the absence of a hood adds a touch of distinguished style to your outfit.


How do I wear a men's work jacket ? 

Versatile by nature, the work jacket can be worn in a variety of ways to suit different occasions. Discover our tips for incorporating the work jacket into your wardrobe with style and ease. Whether paired with smart trousers or casual jeans, the work jacket adds a touch of character to every outfit. For an outfit that makes the most of the sage green work jacket, team it with navy blue chino trousers and a blue shirt with an inverted collar for a modern, elegant look. This complementary colour combination creates visual balance while adding depth to your outfit. You can also add brown leather shoes and a matching belt to complete the look. Accessorise with a classic wristwatch and silk scarf for an extra touch of sophistication. This versatile outfit is perfect for a day at the office or a casual night out on the town.

What are the differences between work jackets in terms of materials ? 

Work jackets are available in a variety of materials, such as cotton, linen and wool. Each material offers unique characteristics in terms of comfort, breathability and durability. Explore the differences between these materials to choose the one that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

The men's work jacket is much more than just a utilitarian garment. It embodies the perfect blend of functionality, comfort and style, making it an essential pillar of a man's wardrobe. Explore our range of work jackets to find the one that meets your safety, comfort and style requirements.