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Mercerised cotton lisle socks

Scottish lisle thread is the name for a cotton fibre that has been mercerised. Mercerisation is a chemical process, invented by John Mercer in 1844. The cotton fibres are treated with leach.

The production of mercerised cotton Lisle socks

The Scottish yarn comes from cotton. This exceptional raw material that we have selected for our range of Scottish thread socks is clean, white and long. It is mainly harvested in Egypt where the cotton is of high quality. He is then sent to an Italian workshop specialising in the manufacture of socks and working with the biggest companies.

The fibre is then mercerized twice. This process was initiated by John Mercer, who discovered it in 1844. The moistened and stretched cotton fibres are passed through soda, which will make them swell to become cylindrical and regular. The fabric will then be more resistant, soft and supple. They are then hand-knitted: they are knitted in the form of long tubes, one end of which is closed to form the sock. Reamlining consists in removing superfluous seams.

The heels and toes are solidified to obtain a very resistant sock, especially on these friction points. For an elegant and sophisticated look, we offer you caviar socks: two coloured threads are knitted together and the colours blend together to create a false uni look. This pattern allows you to subtly match your pants to your socks.

Our advice for wearing your mercerised cotton Lisle socks

For an elegant outfit, keep in mind that you shouldn't wear more than three colours (not counting shades) and that they shouldn't be too bright. For example, similar shades such as sky blue and navy blue will perfectly match a brightly coloured piece, but no more! The same applies to the patterns on the socks. The smaller designs are less conspicuous, but still original and chic.

At work, wear navy blue, black or brown socks with your favourite suit. Depending on your mastery of the colour circle, you can try brighter chords and less common solid colours such as yellow or red. For a more relaxed event, indulge yourself and match your socks to your pants with more fun! Choose more original patterns and bright colours.

You can also match your mercerised cotton Lisle socks to your leather belts or coloured nubuck belts! As an elegant and refined man, you will appreciate our weeklies for Scottish thread socks arranged by pattern or colour shades! All you have to do is pick from your weekly diary to match your outfit with the right socks. It can also be the original and useful gift, ideal for your loved ones.