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Black Socks

Discover our collection of black socks.

The different materials of our black socks

The Nines black socks are available in different materials. We first offer you the Scottish yarn socks knitted in Italy. Scottish yarn is obtained by mercerizing cotton fibre, which gives a silky and glossy appearance and increased resistance. The heels and toes are also reinforced for increased durability.

Our cotton socks are perfect for your feet. They are hand-knit and made of cotton but also a small proportion of polyamide and elastane, and adjust to the size of your feet. They are easy to wash thanks to their resistance to heat. Our cotton socks, made in Portugal, can be worn all year round because they evacuate heat in summer and keep it in winter.

The wool socks we offer are knitted from fine wool from Oceania. This wool that we select is sheared on merino sheep from Australia and New Zealand. It is natural and renewable, very resistant and also has antibacterial properties. This fibre is thicker and warmer and will help you to face the cold in all elegance thanks to the fine weaving!

How to combine your pair of black socks?

The first rule to consider when matching your socks is your size. Indeed, smaller men will associate their socks with their shoes in order to lengthen the silhouette thanks to an impression of continuity and to preserve a certain harmony. Tall men can break the association and play with colours according to their style. Then, thick white socks should only be worn with sports sneakers. No exceptions! Finally, your black socks should be long enough not to show your calves.

If you want to keep a rather classic and sober style, plain and black socks are made for you. Combine your pair of black socks with a suit and leather shoes in a similar shade of color for a very elegant and sophisticated look.

If you want to highlight other parts of your outfit, black socks are also a good choice. The black socks, melted down in your outfit, will allow your shoes or pants to come out. Stay chic by combining a pair of black socks with anthracite flannel pants and a blazer of the same colour. Feel free to choose black patterned socks for more originality!