Wool socks - Traditional know-how

Wool socks

The designation "new wool“ complies with a product to which not more than 7% of other fibres has been added. The merino sheep originally comes from North Africa.

The advantages of the wool sock

Merino wool is a wool that comes from merino sheep, native to Australia and New Zealand, whose fleeces are sheared every year. It has many advantages. Merino wool is a breathable fibre with self-cleaning properties: it absorbs moisture better and neutralizes bad smells. It dries quickly and preserves freshness, even in summer.

Merino wool also regulates the temperature. It is a real insulating layer that protects against both cold and heat. We all know the properties of wool in terms of heat retention, but wool can also provide a cooling effect. The absorption of moisture will allow faster evaporation and drying, which will cool the fabric.

Wool socks are also very soft and do not scratch because their fibres are thinner! Easy to care for, these woolen socks will not shrink during washing. Merino wool is also renewable, biodegradable and very ecological. Sheep are sheared no more than twice a year with natural regrowth and the wool is not treated with chemical additives.

Combine your wool socks with taste

Remember that a sophisticated outfit does not highlight more than three different colours (shades do not count in this rule) that must generally remain sober. Light blue and navy blue will work very well with a brightly coloured element for example. The same rule applies for sock patterns, which will be more elegant if they are smaller. The pattern, even if small, will bring originality to the outfit.

In a professional context, wear dark socks (black or navy blue socks for example) with your business attire. If you are comfortable with colour matching, feel free to test rarer light and solid colours in workwear such as burgundy or camel. If you are attending a more casual event, have fun with the colours and match your pair of socks to your pants! Unique patterns and vibrant colours are also welcome.

The colour matching also works between socks and belts. Have you decided to wear a leather belt or a coloured nubuck belt? Put on wool socks of a similar shade to go with it, effect guaranteed. You will also appreciate our weeklies which will allow you to arrange your wool socks by colours or patterns! All you have to do is take the right pair every day to elegantly match your outfits.