Cashmere Socks

Knitted in Italy, near Milan, our cashmere socks are machine-washable thanks to a unique formula of natural and ecological fibres for easy care without losing any of its softness!


Cashmere socks for men - Responsably Made in Italy

A unique formula for machine-washable cashmere socks

Cashmere is woven from the undercoat of cashmere goats living in the region of the same name in the mountains of India, Pakistan and China. When winter begins, the goat doubles its fur to withstand the harsh and icy winter of this geographical area. The long and supple hairs are then combed out in spring when the animal sheds naturally. Cashmere is a natural, living wool that is highly appreciated for its exceptional softness and finesse. Cashmere clothing and accessories are especially popular in winter when looking for comfort and warmth. However, cashmere has one downside: care! Could it be any more annoying, to bring cashmere socks to the dry cleaners in addition to winter coats and shirts, or, otherwise, to wash them by hand? This is why we have developed a natural, ecological and above all easy-care composition, allowing our cashmere socks to be cleaned in the washing machine at 30°C just like any cotton socks, without losing their softness, or worse, shrink. The magic word is "viscose" which makes up 50% of our socks and 30% consist of pure cashmere. 

Viscose is made from wood cellulose and as such an artificial material of natural origin. Also, called "vegetable silk" because of its similarity with the latter - resistant, soft and very pleasant to wear on the skin - this fibre has a great dye-uptake, resulting in lustrous colours. Since viscose is obtained by chemical treatment of cellulose, a process developed in 1884 by the French Count Hilaire de Chardonnet, this textile is often controversial: if environmental or social standards are not respected, it is not particularly ecological, is it now? Rest assured, the workshop producing our socks is certified by the highest environmental standards, including sustainable forestry. So go on and wrap your feet in an environmentally friendly softness!

A traditional production for soft yet hard-wearing cashmere socks

Like many of our products, our socks are made in Piedmont, Italy, not far from Milan. The special know-how of the Italians is mainly due to the preservation of small independent family businesses that pass on the traditional craftsmanship from generation to generation. The workshop knitting our socks is no exception: in addition to its extraordinary work, our manufacturer has a great ecological conscience. Certified GRS (Global Recycled Standard), GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), he is committed to using recycled materials, ensuring socially and environmentally responsible production and complying with the standards and procedures of sustainable forestry. As Leonardo da Vinci said: "Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail." - That is why we attach great importance to the finishing of our products by reinforcing the heels and toes of our cashmere socks, the most stressed areas of a pair of socks. No more holes in socks after wearing them only a few times!

Our cashmere sock collection is available in eight different colours, ranging from classic and neutral shades such as our black cashmere socks, navy blue cashmere socksgrey cashmere socks and beige cashmere socks, to more colorful tones, like our red cashmere socks, orange cashmere socksblue cashmere socks or green cashmere socks. Simply chose your favourite colour and give your feet the comfort they deserve! And if you're still hesitating on the colour, we have made your life easy with our cashmere sock week set consisting of five pairs of cashmere socks!

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