Linen socks

When it gets really hot in the summer, linen socks are the best choice! Lightweight, breathable, soft and durable, they are the perfect socks for summer, because they give you what you crave most when the temperatures shoot through the roof: a pleasant cooling effect!


The perfect socks for summer.

Socks in summer: yes, but in linen

You might think that socks are a winter thing. In reality, if you don't wear socks in summer, for fear of being too hot, it will only make the situation worse. Between sweating, bacteria and bad odours your feet will end up being anything but comfortable. So, to avoid the worst case scenario and be comfortable in your shoes this summer, opt for light socks: linen socks.

Linen socks: they save your summer

The advantage of having linen socks this summer? There are several. The main advantage of this fibre in summer is that it absorbs moisture. Linen can absorb up to 20% of moisture without letting it show. This means no more wet footprints when you come home at night. On top of that, linen is a fibre that prevents bacteria from growing. You know when your feet smell bad? That's the bacteria we're talking about. With linen socks, you will not only have dry feet, but also no bad odours.

Linen: a responsible material

You might think that growing linen requires a lot of water and pesticides, but this is not the case. In fact, flax is a fibre that is naturally ecological. It does not need irrigation, nor does it require a lot of fertiliser or pesticides to grow. On top of that, it is a fast-growing plant, which is an asset for the person who grows it.

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