Bow tie - Traditional know-how

Bow ties

The House of Ties offers you a lot of bow ties: with dots, with tartan pattern ...

The different types of bow ties

There are two types of bow ties: self-tie bow tie and pre-tied bow ties. The knitted bow tie requires practice. You can find our tutorial on how to tie a bow tie. Once tied, its natural lines and shapes combined with the slight imprecision of the knot made by yourself will form a very elegant bow tie. The pre-tied bow ties are symmetrical and easy to wear, simply slip it under the collar of your shirt and adapt it to the size of your neck.

The bow tie is available in many materials: satin, silk, silk, silk grenadine, velvet and cashmere for formal occasions, but also cotton (rather in summer), wool and flannel (rather in winter).

For more official events, the silk bow tie to tie will be your best ally. However, other events, such as weddings, will allow you to bring fantasy to the outfit with more choice in patterns and colors. For more convivial events, recreate the rules: colored and luminous bow tie, patterned socks, accompanied by jeans or a V-neck sweater, be creative!

The right size & the right collars

The right size of your bow tie starts with your neck size first. Measure it or find it on one of your shirts and adjust the hook on the inside to the right size. Any knot is supposed to be comfortably adjusted according to the size of your neck: neither too tight nor too loose.

Secondly, the size of bow itself remains important. You will have to choose it proportionally according to your face, your physique and your height.

You can accompany your bow tie with a wing collar shirt for a ceremony, wing collar shirts for a retro effect but also French collar shirts. However, it is not recommended to wear a bow tie with an button collar or cutaway collar shirt. Let your imagination speak for itself through the chosen patterns and associate the colour of your bow with that of your bag for example.