Tie Clip - Timeless elegance

Tie Clip

A tie clip is a useful and elegant accessory which allows you to keep your tie pressed against your shirt.

Types of clips

The tie clip fixes your tie on your shirt and keeps it in place. It is a practical accessory at first, but furthermore it will also bring the ultimate touch of elegance to your tie.

There are two types of tie clips: either by pressing the shirt and tie together or by sliding the two accessories together. They are available in slim size for slim ties or in classic size for normal size ties.

The colour and surface

The choice of the colour of your pliers is essential. Gold or silver, it will match your cufflinks, your watch or the buckle of your belt. Coloured, you will have to match it with the colour of your tie or make a subtle reminder with your pocket or suit jacket colour.

Also check that the surface of the clip matches the tie. A matt or glossy finish will not have the same effect. The matt is more subtle and will soften a colourful look. The more common shine will be combined with a more classic look.

Position and size

The clip will ideally be placed under the third button of the shirt, but also can be adjusted between the third and fourth buttons. If placed too high, you will suffocate your tie and it will no longer hold up. If it is too low, you will obtain a slightly asymmetrical zone that will make the whole outfit unstructured.

The golden rule for the size of the clip: it must be smaller than the width of your tie. In addition, slim clips are suitable for slim ties and wider clips for classic ties. Sizes generally vary between 2 and 7cm. Test the sizes and choose the one that suits you best!

To match the outfit

Don't be afraid to use it for all your outfits, the clip will fit without any problem because it will keep your tie on his place and add a touch of style, without any risks. If you close your jacket, you can completely pull up your clip so that it can be seen.

As for ties, there are no rules. Just take into account the fabric of the tie (for example, do not use a clip tie for a wool tie, because it will damage).