Knitted ties - timeless elegance

Knitted ties

Here, instead of being woven, silk threads are machine knitted. Silk ties, which were a particular favourite in the 1960s and 70s, have an understated and casual elegance. The undisputed master in this domain is Ascot, the German manufacturer and supplier to many prestigious stores.

The history of the knitted ties

The knitted tie appeared at the dawn of the First World War, when silk was rare. In the mid-1950s, knitwear was highly acclaimed, particularly in the United States, where it was seen around the necks of famous celebrities. It is made on a loom and usually ends horizontally with a light ribbed edge. Narrower than the classic tie, it is nowadays perceived as a very modern accessory!

The main attribute of the knitted ties: to add a touch of boldness and originality to your traditional outfits without appearing exaggerated! For a day at work or afterwork with your friends, the knitted tie will have a significant impact on any look.

Wearing a tie can sometimes make an outfit overdressed for certain occasions. However, the knitted tie has a soft material which makes it easy to match with a multitude of other rather casual pieces. It will give you a style that is both neat and slightly nonchalant

Its finely knitted material will make the whole outfit detailed and unique. The texture will not leave you indifferent since the knit is very soft. In addition, this type of tie has the advantage, unlike the others, of being impossible to wrinkle. You can therefore take it anywhere without any problem simply by rolling it, while avoiding hanging it so as not to relax it.

Matching your knitwear tie

Knitted ties are thick and available in a narrow width, so it may not be possible to tie them with the same type of knot as a satin tie, cotton or even silk grenadine tie. We suggest that you choose a thin node like the single node. It will bring out the reflections of the knitted tie.

The single knot requires a shirt with a small collar opening such as the French collar shirt, which you certainly have in your wardrobe, from the tips to the narrower gaps which is more suitable for small knots. On the other hand, the cutaway collar will not enhance this type of knot, it is to be avoided when you wear a knitted tie since its tips are too far apart.

Embellish a semi-casual ensemble by combining a knitted tie and a tweed jacket (or a rougher mottled look for example). The knitted tie has a textured look, so bring some excitement to your wardrobe by applying it to various patterns. This tie can be combined with cardigans as it is the perfect accessory for autumn and winter. You can mix the codes by tying this tie to a denim shirt and juggling with the colors.