Trousers and chinos for men - The Nines


Because not only jeans and sweatpants can be comfortable: Discover our trousers and chinos. From work to the after-work party and from the family gathering to the event with casual smart dress code, these are your trousers for everyday life.

Chino trousers: elegant and casual

They found their origins in Pakistan and India in the last century, where British troops marched in unseen heat. They needed a lightweight, yet robust and durable trouser to test their mettle. And it is these attributes that have remained from the chino, albeit slightly revamped and updated today. For example, subtle details have been added for a smooth day and for your comfort.

For its manufacture, we have chosen cotton and linen, to offer you the choice between two very different versions: the classic chino and the summer one. So it's up to you to bring out its elegant and minimalist side, or to sport a real adventurer's look: it all depends on what you wear with it!


Stretch pant: to stay free in your movements

Who has never dreamed of going to the skatepark after work? And in the same outfit? Don't dream anymore, we did it: the stretch pants. And if you are not very comfortable on a skateboard, you will find many other advantages to feel free to move in these trousers. Even for the daily bike ride, it's a game changer: no more risk of the trousers cracking when you get on your bike. Sail to the rhythm of your activities and the stretch pant will follow you, always in time, but especially with style.

Bermuda shorts: your summer ally

You who expected to find only trousers in here... We weren't completely honest, we admit it. Here are our Bermuda shorts: for Sunday walks in the park and holiday evenings. Or even for the rest of the week, for that matter, it's up to you. Because you feel better when you're not so covered up, Bermuda shorts are the best thing to wear when the heat wave is coming.  Made from linen, you're sure to have a good time in your new "trousers", comfortably and cool. Yes, that's the argument to defend to your boss on Monday morning.