Sterling silver cufflinks

We are using solid sterling silver to create some cufflinks you will hand down to the next generation. 




45 € - 150 €

Silver color cufflinks - Designed in Paris

The art of the cufflink

This precious jewel originated in the 16th century and became a permanent fixture in men's accessories in the 17th century. Before its invention, men used to put ribbons in their sleeves to roll them up or hold them. Not that handy you might say!  From its origin the button was already made of silver or gold, often decorated with precious stones, a know-how that has not been lost. Then, with globalisation, silver became increasingly rare and all sorts of materials have been seen since. We wanted to revive the pleasure of wearing this accessory, which becomes a jewel when it is made that way, in solid silver and with care.


Rock solid

Our cufflinks are made of solid silver, but do you know what that really means? In France and elsewhere, it is also called 925 silver for a simple and good reason: its composition is 925 thousandths. This means that it contains 92.5% pure silver and 7% other materials such as copper. It is this percentage that indicates the strength and composition of a metal, and you can be sure that it will last for years. As for the rendering, shiny or brushed, it is only a question of design but it has no influence on the quality of the metal. So opt for the first one if you have an eye for anything that shines or adopt the brushed style of some pieces, which adds a lot of discretion to your accessory.


Share your passion

With us first, as you'll see we have a few in common... But especially with your colleagues, to liven up the Monday morning coffee break or the copious Friday lunch! More seriously, we offer a whole range of cufflinks for every enthusiast in you. From aviation, to cars, to watches, you'll be lost for words with all these worlds. The more discerning will also find our references to certain historical advances or to the cinema culture with typical objects that will for sure make you smile.


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