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4 reasons why you should have chinos in your wardrobe

7 April 2022

It's hard to imagine our wardrobes without chinos. Both from those of men and women. But why are chinos so popular? What makes chinos so special?

Chinos are both casual and elegant

One of the most important features of chinos is that they are both casual and smart. So you can create two completely different looks with a single pair of trousers. Chinos can easily be worn to the office: choose a simple, classic colour like beige or blue and combine the chino with a white shirt, derbies and possibly a jacket. Things get a little more casual with a timeless round-collar jumper, under which you wear a shark-collar shirt. Chinos also offer a casual smart alternative to classic suit looks at weddings. Choose a minimalist stand-up collar shirt, leather belt and moccasins for a modern wedding guest outfit. For a casual weekend look, wear street-style chinos with a sweatshirt and trainers.

Chinos are super comfortable

But chinos not only have an ideally balanced style, they are also super comfortable! This comfort is thanks to several things: Firstly, a true pair of chinos is made of twill (a durable twill weave fabric characterised by fine diagonal ribbing). Twill is known for its great suppleness, which is what makes chinos so comfortable to wear. Often a small amount of elastane is added to the twill fabric to give the trousers more stretch. Depending on the fabric weight, chinos can be meant to be worn all year round or adapted to the season. A chino for summer will inevitably be lighter than a pair of chinos intended for winter.

This is a pant that fits all

Chinos are trousers that are suitable for everyone because of their cut and stretch. There are, of course, different fits: from slim fit chinos to tapered fit chinos with an oversized look. The cut you see most often is the modern semi-slim fit, which suits most body types. This cut sits close to the figure around the hips and buttocks and then tapers out in a straight cut towards the end of the leg to create a harmonious silhouette.

Note: we remind you that light colours tend to make the figure bigger, whereas dark colours make it thinner. So make your choice of colours according to this.

These are trousers with multiple variations

A pair of chinos can be a basic piece that forms the simple basis of an outfit, but they can also be the centrepiece. Because chinos are now available in countless designs, from classic beige and navy blue to trendy sage green or terracotta. But fashion designers also like to get creative with chinos when it comes to details. For example, there are chinos with pleats, a folded hem, a casual elastic waistband with drawstring or a fancy pattern. If you are buying your first pair of chinos, it is advisable to choose a timelessly elegant style and a colour that is easy to combine. If you already have chinos in your wardrobe, you can also go for slightly more unusual models. Depending on the weather, lightweight chinos in a cotton and linen mix can be a pleasant purchase for the summer.

For us, chinos are clearly an essential in men's wardrobes. Because chinos are one of those garments that you can reach for with your eyes closed, because as an all-in-one piece they always go, look good on everyone and are very easy to combine.