23 novembre 2021

A different kind of Friday

A different kind of Friday

The phenomenon of Black Friday

Researchers have proven that Friday is our favorite day of the week!

Admittedly, this American study dates back to 2012 and was mainly related to weekdays. So maybe the source is not mega reliable. But if you think about it, it's actually quite logical: you know the weekend starts at the end of the day, you can sleep in the next day and, quite often, offices have a more relaxed dress code on Fridays. So clearly, we love Fridays!

However, there is one Friday a year that is even more appreciated by bargain hunters. Of course, we are talking about the last Friday in November, the famous Black Friday. The Black Friday weekend is a sales phenomenon imported from the US to Europe almost ten years ago. It has seen sales skyrocket like no other sale promotion. You might think that this is a positive event for an online store like us, but unfortunately there is a very high price to pay and the one who has to settle the biggest bill is the environment.

From worrying statistics

In France, our home base, last years Black Friday resulted in peak sales of +127% compared to the average October sales, according to Criteo data. And fashion topped the list of most sold products at 68% (Insee / BVG-Orange 2019). Granted, this shopping date comes at just the right time, just one month before Christmas, when more money is spent than at any other time of the year. So saving money on Christmas shopping is an understandable desire, even if, unfortunately, it is far too often at the expense of the environment, small independent manufacturers and even the quality of the items. Because behind the bargains that make us pretty eyes with their crossed-out prices and thick 50% off stickers, usually hide collections of low quality, produced especially for Black Friday to be sold at a discount. Don't believe us? Imagine: If a brand sells an item 70% off, its margin is bound to be significantly lower. Unless the item has lower production costs than a full-price product. Unfortunately, this method is often used by fast fashion brands: The selling price is falsely inflated to advertise a huge discount and stimulate FOMO (fear of missing out) in the consumer's mind.

However, there is a small positive twist, as 46% of French consumers plan to make their purchases in 2021 from small online stores to alleviate the effects of the health crisis (PowerReviews 2020).

To responsible and solidarity alternatives

Okay, we'll stop complaining for a minute, because besides the positive impact the health crisis has had on our consumption patterns (less, better and local), the efforts of more and more brands, and DNVB brands in particular, are remarkable, paving the way towards a more responsible fashion industry. From large coalitions like the "Make Friday Green Again Collective" launched in 2019 by French brand Faguo, to brands that simply ignore Black Friday sales, the actions are becoming more numerous and imaginative. At The Nines, although we have always had our clothes and accessories made with the same European and traditional craftsmanship quality, since 2018 we have officially opposed this phenomenon of bargain sales by trying to give a more solidarity aspect to this November weekend. And solidarity is really the key word here: as a partner of the French charity La Cravate Solidaire, we hold a solidarity sale every year instead of the traditional Black Friday. So for four days, the last pieces of our past collections are available at reduced prices, and the profits go to the charity in the form of clothing donations. For La Cravate Solidaire, this means elegant outfits of high quality to promote the professional reintegration of their candidates, and for us, gaining warehouse space by selling the remaining pieces of our limited editions. And for you, you might wonder? Well, it's 30% off clothes and accessories made to last and a good cause!

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