12 septembre 2022

Cotton Lisle socks

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Quality craftsmanship

Our cotton lisle socks are woven according to high-end fashion standards by an Italian workshop that has specialised in socks manufacturing for over 60 years. For the sake of transparency, we’ve decided to speak about this in more detail. The cotton lisle socks are produced by mercerising cotton fibre, a process that makes the fibre tidier, silkier, softer and smoother. It is then dyed and woven. Once complete, the cotton has a shiny look to it and is more resilient to wear and tear.

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A chic pattern

Cotton lisle socks are characterised by their use of two differently coloured threads that are woven together. The colours mix for a pseudo-homogeneous effect: lisle socks can be a discreet tie between your trousers and your shoes. Plus, it gives a different look than the usual wool socks.

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Remeshing is also a step that requires great expertise to design the top quality of cotton lisle socks. With our attention to detail, we’ve chosen the most traditional and qualitative method: remeshing that is done by hand.

The process is simple: the weave of the cotton lisle socks on a long tubular form and then one of the ends is closed to finish off the socks; it is here that remeshing comes into play. This technique removes all extra stitching for a smooth, tidy look that ensures optimal comfort.

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Exceptional finishes

Don’t forget about the other finishes: heels and toes are reinforced in order to guarantee a long lifespan, since these are the main areas where socks show wear and tear. They have to be solidly built for more durability.

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