8 janvier 2021

Why do we offer a sale?

It is often said that the success of one film or record finances the failure of 10 others. If fashion is not art in the strict sense, it is not an exact science, and it sometimes happens that products that are of high quality and in which we believe - otherwise we would not have made them - do not have the expected success. In short, despite our efforts, we sometimes make mistakes in our forecasts and some products sell less well than others. This does not diminish their quality - there is no special production at The Nines - and some of you have probably already experienced the other standard forecast error, namely early stock levels.

There are four possibilities for these "estimation error" products:

Soldes chez The Nines

Destroy unsold goods

We can find all the explanations about the merits of such a strategy, which is used by many large luxury homes of course, also not very knowledgeable to appreciate the success of certain creations!
Beyond the intolerable waste of materials and resources, it also destroys the fruits of the work of its own employees or manufacturers. This solution is obviously never used by The Nines.

Pas de soldes

Destruction invendus

No sale at all

The products will continue to be sold at their original price. The danger then is to always find the same articles and to offer the same things over the seasons. Although we use this solution for a number of timeless products, it prevents the renewal of collections, which is necessary for the creativity and innovation that characterise fashion. Some people strongly criticize this over-frequent renewal of collections, and if these criticisms are justified when some major retailers renew their products every month (which also means that the shirt you bought last month is already out of fashion...), these critics seem to forget that the essence of fashion is renewal. At The Nines, two collections a year with a few additional products seem sensible - and essential. So not having a sale is only part of the solution.

Donate unsold goods

A part of the unsold products The Nines will be donated to associations that help the most needy to get dressed (with quality clothes!).
But we cannot give everything away because we have a business to run. This solution, which we appreciate very much, unfortunately, like the previous one, cannot be applied to all products.


Don des invendus

Go on Sale

As you will have understood, this is a solution that is necessary if you want to work properly. The sale allows us to renew our collections in a reasonable way, without waste, and you, the customer, can benefit from advantageous prices for items that remain of impeccable quality.
Finally, if we consider our prices to be reasonable in view of the quality offered, for some people the sale is also the only time of the year when they can buy our products. We are happy about this.

We wish you happy shopping and above all an excellent 2020!

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