28 mai 2015

How to clean a soiled tie

Ties are often woven with noble and delicate natural fibres such as silk, linen, wool or cashmere. A stain can therefore be fatal. Various stains are possible: of course you don't wear a tie for DIY, gardening or playing sports, but still, it is very easy to stain your tie. Imagine:

- A leaky pen, or a freshly printed document

- Somebody bumps into you at the coffee machine, or a drink gets spilled during lunch.

- A sandwich between two meetings, a dish with sauce at a business meal.

How to clean a soiled tie

And no, it does not happen only to others! 2 solutions are available :

1/Clean it yourself: Do not under any circumstances wash ties in the machine, even using a delicate program. Use Marseilles soap lightly moistened with warm water. Above all, do not rub the stain, which would cause it to be embedded in the fabric. Dab gently, leave to work for fifteen minutes and then rinse with cold water. There are also many other solutions for cleaning your tie yourself depending on the stain and the fabric, such as mixtures of alcohol to 70% with cold water, white vinegar, ammonia, talc or fine China clay which is easily found in garden stores and supermarkets. Before applying these products to the spot, test them on a hidden part of the tie to make sure the fabric does not fade.

2/If in doubt, contact a professional : Today there are many companies that offer cleaning and ironing services. You can opt for traditional cleaners: drop off your ties and go back to collect them when they are ready, or for laundry services at home: professionals come to pick up your ties from your home, and bring them back when ready (a real time saver for people with busy schedules).

Advice from  The Nines : Make sure you choose your laundry very carefully. Ask them about the cleaning method they use for ties that require special attention because of their delicate fabric which can be damaged by cleaning agents that are too strong, thus reducing their life expectancy.

Further information : Explore the collection of The House of Ties, the specialist in ties, knitted ties and knitted bow tie.

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