16 octobre 2015

How to match your socks

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An elegant man attaches particular importance to the smallest detail. Socks are a discreet but vital element in a man’s outfit. That is why we must know how to match them, so as not to make any errors of taste.

The right socks for each outfit

It's not just women who pay attention to every detail in their outfit. Men who take care of their appearance are also very aware of their dress. Knowing how to match your socks means you need to know some rules to avoid making errors of taste. First, be aware that white socks should be avoided completely. They are exclusively for your sporting activity and nothing else. You should also remember that your socks must be in perfect harmony with the colour of your shoes. The mistake that is often made is to match them to your tie, shirt or sweater. If you do not have any socks to match your shoes, go for socks of a darker colour than the shoes. Thus, if you wear red shoes, choose red socks. For sober outfits like suits, also choose sober colours, black socks or brown socks, for example. With jeans or casual wear, you can dare to wear bright coloured or patterned socks. Many people think that your socks hould match the trousers that you’re wearing. This is a well known error in the world of fashion but one which many people continue to commit, thinking they are doing the right thing.

The different patterns of socks

If you want an outfit without the slightest misstep, you must also think about adapting your socks to the season. Thus, in the summer and spring, it is easier to wear socks in bright colours like yellow, orange or fuchsia, for a more quirky and original look. In winter, you will prefer more subdued colours. Matching your socks is also about choosing the right size. The golden rule is that your calves should not be showing. Bear in mind that during any given day, you will be asked to sit or cross your legs. Your pants will go up and we will see your socks. They must therefore come to mid-calf.

The material that your socks are made of is equally important. You won’t be wearing wool socks in summer. It is better to opt for Scottish lisle fabric socks. In winter, it is more suitable to choose wool socks, cotton socks. Be aware that with Bermuda shorts, socks must be worn.

Socks are an important element in the male wardrobe, just as much as a tie or a pocket square. They are often overlooked because they are meant to be discreet, but once you sit down, it’s the only thing people notice. Matching them to your outfit or your style is therefore essential for all those who care about their appearance and who don’t want to commit any errors of taste. We must not forget that the main role of socks is to not get noticed.

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