11 février 2021

More than just a retro accessory: our new range of pins


Where does the pin come from ?

We are talking about a time that those under 30 years old have not really known. In the family tree of "pins", we meet the father: the badge. It appeared in the late 1700s, when a US company was experimenting with new types of buttons for clothing. The badge was moderately successful at the time, but really exploded in France in the 1970s with the advent of rock music and the hippie movement.

After a slight decline in the badge's popularity, the badge pin really took off in the 1980s, when its first prototypes were used for military decoration and, later, as a promotional item. The pin then became an essential fashion accessory thanks to its simplicity of attachment. Indeed, the pin - or badge pin - is fixed like a brooch by a spike that passes through the fabric. This fixing is blocked by what is called the "butterfly clasp", which is used to close the pin: it is thus an accessory which makes it possible to simply and quickly personalize its clothing and which is worth all its success!

The golden age of the "pin phenomenon"


The end of the 1980s was truly the golden age of badge pins: they became a real fashion phenomenon, but also a society trend. During the 1987 Roland Garros tournament, the media coverage of this little accessory was such that it was quickly marketed massively by the brands.

The pin becomes an unavoidable support to promote a product or service and highlight a cultural or sporting event. Collectors rush on this small object that they trade and exchange as they acquire magazines, everyday products or barter. The phenomenon touches all ages - especially teenagers -, men and women alike, as it is an accessory that is intended for both men and women. With time, the golden age of the pins mania is gradually fading away until it was forgotten at the end of the 1990s. But the beautiful story of the badge pin doesn't stop there, since it has been coming back in force from the 2010's, with more modern designs and styles that never cease to delight collectors!

Our new pins with a retro modern style


An accessory with addictive power

We chose to rewind the tape to turn back into the eighties, in order to offer a whole range of this little accessory with addictive power. Our pins have been updated with a modern retro style, using some models similar to our iconic cufflinks. So, those who are not used to French cuff shirts can now also customize their clothes in a style all their own!

Pin's velo

Pin's retro chic Game Boy

A similar fabrication process to our cufflinks

Our pins are made of brass, to gain strength and prevent them from oxidizing over time, ensuring that you can wear them for a long time. We have designed original models inspired by the most famous game consoles, audio tapes from our childhood, or the Tour de France. These pins with their simple and sober style will go with all your outfits, from the most casual to the most elegant.

Style exercise

How to wear them? The badge pins can be attached to your accessories to brighten up your outfit - tie, bag, etc. For example, you can learn from the inimitable fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, who used to put on a pin instead of a tie clip. You can just as easily assume the retro touch in more elaborate outfits, by wearing your favorite pin on your shirt or hanging it on your suit jacket, blazer or coat.

Pin's bateau

Pon's note de musique

Our collection

Today's most avid collectors will know where to find vintage pins - garage sales or second-hand websites, which today sell for a golden price. In the meantime, only those who know The Nines can claim to adopt its remastered version with a twist of nostalgia! Discover our new range of pins and give yourself a creative opportunity to personalize your clothes and accessories.

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