11 janvier 2023

What to do with unsold goods?

the honest sale

A wrong number, the wrong way, the wrong size - sometimes we make mistakes, because to err is, as we all know, human! If life consisted only of successes, there would be nothing left to learn and we would be bored to death. And it's the same in the fashion industry as it is in everyday life.

So yes, even after 15 years of experience in fashion design, it happens that we miss our target.

On the one hand, for example, you have the limited edition shirt going as quickly as the warm bagles at the bakery at 8 a.m. and we don't have enough fabric to start a new production. Result: maximum frustration from the customer side.

On the other hand, the color of the scarf is more difficult to combine with other colors than expected, the pattern of the socks maybe a bit too special for every day wear, and the bow tie is simply not so much in demand anymore for weddings in the 2020s. Result: unsold goods that remain on the shelves of our warehouse.

In the first case, there's not much we can do, it's simply the rules of the game for limited editions. After all, this way you don't see the same clothes on everyone. But in the second case, there are several options available to retailers. And here's the 1 million euro question: "What to do with unsold clothing and accessories"?

A. Destroy

B. Give away

C. Nothing

D. An honest sale

You don't need to use a joker, we will give you the answer before the explanations: the correct answer is D.

Destroying unsold items, as many fast fashion brands have done for years, is finally no longer an option in France since the "anti-disposal" law took effect on January 1, 2022. This incredible waste of materials and resources, as well as the lack of respect for the work of the people involved, is an aberrant madness which should have been banned long ago.

Donating all unsold goods is as honorable as it is unrealistic, because a company must generate enough profit to continue to exist, pay its employees and suppliers, pay its dues and taxes.

Doing nothing is possible, but complicated, because that would mean offering all products at the same price until all stock is gone. In other words, you will hardly see any new creations.

This brings us to option D, to hold an honest clearance sale. It is true that some brands design special collections for the two annual sales periods, meaning, they produce in lower quality and at lower prices to attract with large discounts. Just like destroying unsold items, we have never considered the option of producing low-quality clothing and accessories only to sell them at knockdown prices.

For this reason, you won't find many available sizes during our summer sale, because it's really only the last items of our limited editions offered here at a reduced price. No special orders for the sale, no quality changes. If you find something in your size, you're just lucky enough to pay less for it. That's what we call an honest clearance sale! And if there are still a few items left at the end of the sale? Then we donate them to organizations that help those who need it most, like our French partner organization La Cravate Solidaire.

This is our answer to the problem of unsold merchandise. Is this the best solution? Maybe not, but it is our solution which respects what we care about most: the work of our teams and ateliers, the materials and resources invested, and a price that remains fair throughout the year while giving back - to our extent - to society.

If you chose answer D, you may access the honest sale.

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