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This weekend we give back

21 novembre 2022

Back Friday 2022

More for less
But for whom?

Why buy only one product when you can have the second cheaper? This piece here? That thing there? I didn't really need it, but it was 70% off, so it must have been worth it. We've all fallen into the tempting trap of special offers at one time or another, and it's perfectly normal, because that's just how the human brain is wired. This almost instinctive reaction is called FOMO (fear of missing out) in youth language. And it is precisely this fear that the biggest shopping event of the year, Black Friday, taps into! A weekend, a week or even a month of special offers of up to -70% make consumers buy more and more for less money. But who mainly foots the bill for these escapades? The planet, the artisans and the independent, small retailers.

True or false

It is quite understandable, especially with the current economic situation, that we want and even need to watch our spending. Social restrictions are behind us, Christmas is approaching and so are the opportunities to celebrate. Promotions are therefore welcome. But we still need to be able to distinguish between real and fake promotions, because some, unfortunately, are artificially inflated. Let's take an example: a sweater going from 100€ to 30€ can hide two things: a. the brand is selling at a loss or b. the initial value wasn't that high. In fast fashion the right (or wrong) answer is almost always b. So the sweater was really only worth 30€ including margins, which is much less attractive than a -70% label.

Black Friday at The Nines
a day of solidarity for all

Since the creation of The Nines in 2008, we've always made sure to offer beautiful, high-quality products at honest prices that cover the raw materials, our ateliers and our progress. It was in 2016, that we participated in the first really popular Black Friday in France. It was something new, in the air of time and it generated attention on our website. In 2017 we participated again, like everyone else, but this over-consumption event didn't ring true with our brand philosophy or our ambitions for the future. So, in 2018, we simply stopped doing what all the big brands do.

Today, we've been offering beautiful clothes at the right price for more than 10 years by controlling our quality and quantity. Producing better, but less. Our essentials will never be on sale, but you can find the last pieces of our past collections at a reasonably reduced price, meaning -30%. And to give a sense of solidarity to Black Friday*, every year, the profits of this last weekend of November will be donated in kind to our two partner associations: the Cravate Solidaire in Bordeaux and the Protection Civile in Paris.

*Black Friday follows Thanksgiving Thursday, a day of grace and celebration since the 17th century. Under the aspect of giving back, our Black Friday becomes BACK Friday, the day (or weekend) when we give back to those in need.