14 février 2019

Tutorial : how to fold a shirt


Gentlemen, like many men, you have dozens of shirts hanging in your closet. However, your closet has a limit as to how many shirts it can accommodate and you can only get so far by putting two on one hanger. As a result, the more items added to your wardrobe, the more shirts tend to wrinkle. Do you want your business shirts or wedding shirts to stay in tiptop shape? Follow our tips!

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The answer to this problem is to start folding your shirts just as you would your t-shirts. Meaning, you simply stack them neatly on a shelf or store them in a drawer without creating unnecessary creases.

Another advantage of folding your shirts is that it's easier to transport them. For instance, say you have a dinner planned for after work and you want to wear a dressier item like, for example, an Oxford shirt. No problem! A folded shirt is easier to bring along and doesn't take up room in your bag, allowing you to wear a casual shirt during the day.

You may think that folding a shirt will cause even more wrinkling, but keep in mind that they're folds, not wrinkles.

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It's very easy to fold a shirt if you follow these few, fairly intuitive steps. First of all, you'll need a solid support that will help you in folding your shirt. We recommend a properly proportioned wooden board underneath your shirt that fits in your bag. If you don't have a board, you can use a solid and, preferably, rectangular object such as, for example, a magazine or cutting board.

If you want, you can also keep the plastic that came with your shirt upon purchase. It will definitely make it easier and cleaner to transport the shirt and prevent it from creasing.


When it comes to folding a shirt, the first thing to do is to button the first and last buttons as well as a few in the middle. Then, turn the shirt over so that it's facing the support. It's better to put it on a soft surface such as a bed so as to flatten the neck and avoid deforming it, because, ideally, the shirt should be as flat as possible.

Afterwards, place the board in the centre of the shirt, with one end touching the collar. Then fold the first side (left or right) of the shirt over the board; the fold should as a rule match the original crease. Depending on personal preference, fold the sleeve over the board twice or down vertically, paying particular attention to the sleeve end for French cuff shirts. Do the same thing with the other side of the shirt and the second sleeve. Always try to keep the fabric as flat as possible.

Finally, fold the bottom of the shirt so that it's superimposed on the collar and fold the lowest part of the shirt underneath for a straight, clean look. Remove the board and put your perfectly folded shirt where you want it!

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