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The English, great connoisseurs of style and masculine elegance, use the expression "to be dressed up to the nines" when they're really getting dolled up (or getting decked out in their best finery, take your pick). This English expression, which can now also be translated as "get dressed at THE NINES", in fact originates in... French !

London's gentlemen and dandies of the last century were so much better dressed that they wore "new" clothes, and were all the more appreciated in society because they spoke French. The term "new" [neufs] used to describe the clothing was mistakenly translated as "nines" and not "new." So our name is inspired by an English expression which itself was inspired by a French word : a small linguistic nod to the fashion universe where the inspirations have been crossing the Channel in both directions for many years.


Using traditional know-how
Most of the products we offer come from Italy because, unlike France and England, Italy has maintained a very strong textile industry despite successive waves of industrial offshoring.

Our products are crafted by craftsman that we have selected for their recognized expertise.

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