Reversible belts

Ceinture réversible 

The art of easily transforming a formal outfit into casual wear

With a formal color side (black, dark brown, anthracite) and a casual color side (red, green, cognac), the reversible belts are very versatile and you can have two belts  for the price of one. Changing sides is easy: simply pull on the buckle, turn 180° and release, voila !

Two sides, two colors with many possible looks. Imagine that you are invited at the last minute to a party after work. You are wearing a formal coat with chinos and you don’t have time to go home to change.

The solution: wear a reversible belt to be elegant in any situation. During the day it’s a brown or black belt, and in the evening it can turn to become red or green. It’s also very practical when traveling : thanks to the reversible belt you can have two outfits without taking up room in your suitcase. Find our range of "reversible belts"

reversible belts

A must-do : wear a belt that fits your body correctly.

Our belts are one size, measuring 135 cm in length. They will work for those with a waist measuring from 80 cm to 115 cm. To custom fit your size, simply open the buckle, cut at the length you want and then close the buckle.

For the belt to fit properly, you must be sure to use the center hole. The length of the belt is measured between the end of the loop and the center hole.

belt length