The Shirt Guide: Choosing Your Shirt for Every Occasion

The Shirt Guide

Choosing your shirt is not an easy task, just like choosing your clothes. Several elements need to be considered: your body type and measurements, tailoring, weaving, as well as patterns and various collars. To assist you in this choice, we have compiled a glossary of terms for those technical aspects. Because what makes a shirt beautiful is the attention to the smallest details.

Shirt Guide

Shirt FAQ

How to Choose a Shirt Collar?

The choice of a shirt collar depends on the shape of your face. Some collars, like the French or reverse collar, suit men with a narrow face better. Whereas English and cutaway collars are more suited to rounder and wider face shapes. The collar also determines the style of the outfit, some making you immediately more formal than casual, so it's essential to choose your preferred collar carefully. 

How to Choose a Shirt Fit?

The choice of a shirt fit depends primarily on your body type. There are 3 types of fits: extra-slim fit is suitable for the most toned silhouettes. While a regular fit will better conceal your beloved love handles. 

How to Choose Shirt Cuffs?

Again, it all depends on the style you want to wear. So to choose your shirt cuffs, first consider if you want to wear cufflinks. Choose French cuffs mainly because they allow you to wear cufflinks. Indeed, you cannot put your cufflinks on all shirts, so be very attentive to the cuffs you choose. 

How to Fold a Shirt?

There are several folding techniques, the most well-known being the "classic" fold. Very simple, it is done in the same way as folding a t-shirt. You can also fold a shirt the Marie Kondo way, a more compact fold that will save space in your closets. 

How to Iron a Shirt?

To iron a shirt, it's very simple, after making sure your iron is clean, turn your shirt inside out directly to iron it. This will avoid unexpected stains. Then, we advise you to start by ironing the collar, then the sleeves, and the cuffs come next. Finally, finish with the back of the shirt and the front panels. Pro tip: iron it while it's still slightly damp. 

How to Wash a Shirt?

For washing your shirt, we recommend you first remove the collar stays. Then, like with any garment, wash your shirt with similar colors. Thus, you are strictly prohibited from mixing your white shirt with any other color. Finally, we advise washing your shirts at a maximum of 30°C and measuring the spin cycle, as the stronger it is, the more you will need to iron your shirt. 

What Jacket to Wear with a White Shirt?

The white shirt goes with everything, but we will give you our best advice here. To wear a white shirt with a blazer or suit jacket, choose a dark color, such as navy blue or black, which will immediately distinguish your outfit. So put on a black suit to be sure not to make any fashion mistakes. And pair your white shirt with navy blue to brighten up your outfit. It's also perfect to wear with jeans, it's foolproof!

How to Wear a Shirt?

You're probably wondering: tucked in or out? Well, it all depends on the shirt you have in hand. Indeed, depending on the cut, whether casual or business-oriented cuts, there is quite a difference. The latter, designed for formal wear, should exclusively be tucked into your pants. You will quickly see that if you leave it out, the bottom of the shirt is much longer than usual, as it is made to be tucked in and worn with a belt. 

Weaving and Patterns of a Shirt

Feeling comfortable in your shirt means, first and foremost, feeling comfortable. Indeed, it is in direct contact with the skin, and this, for several hours. It is therefore obvious that the choice of fabric used is an important step. The pattern of the shirt, although not essential, should also be chosen with care as it makes your shirt more authentic and striking.

Shirt Guide - Weaving and Patterns

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The Tailoring of a Shirt

Tailoring plays a particularly important role in the quality of your shirt. If the seams of your shirt are not regular, if the buttons are not sewn on shanks, or if the reinforcement gussets have been forgotten, your shirt will not stay in your closet as long as it should. We will show you the steps of making a quality shirt and transparently explain the elements that make up the price of making a shirt.

Shirt Guide - Tailoring

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Rules for Choosing Your Shirt

Choosing an elegant cut is a crucial detail to ensure a distinguished outfit, but what makes it unique is that it adapts to your body type. We offer you a guide to cuts that adapt to your physique, so you'll feel like your shirt fits you perfectly (or like a glove, but for shirts).

Shirt Guide - Rules

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Choosing Your Shirt Collar

There is a wide choice of shirt collars that can take you from a formal look to an elegant twist to an original allure. As you've understood beyond the fabric and pattern of your shirt, the collar will represent its DNA. We decided in this section to present you with a wide range of collars according to different face shapes and dress codes.

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Shirt Care Tips

Once well worn, it's time to treat our precious one with care. In this section, we will discuss all the advice revolving around washing, ironing, and folding your shirt. And believe us, some tips will surprise you, so if you want to know all the secrets of shirt care, this is the place.

Shirt Guide - Rules

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Choosing Your Shirt for a Wedding

Discover the art of choosing the perfect shirt for your special day. Whether you're the groom, the best man, or a guest, every detail counts to create an impeccable and elegant look that reflects your style and the tone of the event. Explore our tips on suitable collars, recommended fabrics, and mistakes to avoid for an unforgettable appearance.

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For the somewhat (too) technical terms: discover our shirt glossary.