How to properly care for knitwear?

How to properly care for knitwear?

Washing, spinning, drying and ironing:

Knitwear can generally be washed in the washing machine if you choose a cold wash program at max. 30 °C. Also, it's preferable to use a suitable mild detergent.

You should either turn off spinning completely or set it to a maximum of 600 revolutions per minute. If you want to wring out your sweater yourself, you should do this between two towels.

Then, let your knit sweater dry flat on a clothes rack. Do not hang knitwear on a hanger while wet or damp, as this could distort the fibres.

Also avoid ironing knitwear. If you've laid your sweater out neatly flat to dry, it shouldn't be necessary anyway.

Bonus tips:

Over time, or due to improper care, knit sweaters can lose their luminosity. For this, you can add 1/4 L of household vinegar to your washing machine (water compartment) to bring the colors back to life. This will also be good for your washing machine!

Before washing your jumpers made of cotton, wool or cashmere, remember to air them well. Since natural materials don't store bad odors, simply airing them out in the fresh air is often enough.

If your knitted sweater has a hole or a stitch comes loose and you don't have any special knitting skills, it's better not to experiment and leave the mending to an alteration tailor.