Our care tips for corduroy

We've put together all our tips and tricks for caring for your corduroy clothes, whether they're corded or not, all the answers are here. So in this final part of the corduroy guide we're going to go over the best practices to have when it comes to washing your new favourite piece.

Washing of corduroy

One thing you should know: corduroy and water do not mix. So, you may ask, should you wash it well? We won't forbid you to wash it in a machine, which is simpler in practice, but washing it by hand, if possible, will prolong its life and its silky appearance. Water can damage the material and will fade the distinctive hairs of the corduroy. You should even be more careful if you use special cleaning products. Even soap can leave traces forever and you will regret having washed your garment. To avoid this, we advise you to test a non-visible corner of your garment or the inside. If the product does not leave any traces, you are good to apply it to the rest of the garment, otherwise it will avoid unpleasant surprises that can ruin a new garment. In any case, here are the deciphered pictograms of our labels, so you won't have any more bad surprises.

Caring for corduroy

Over time your corduroy will age, and one could even say that it will develop a patina, just like natural leather. It is almost a living material, which will shine more with time. What you can do, however, is to brush it from time to time, against the direction of the hair. You can do this with your hand or with the brush of your hoover to intensify the effect. We recommend that you try this technique on stubborn stains, where cleaning products are not welcome.