12 septembre 2022

Cotton socks from The Nines - For your feet only the best!

If you are looking for socks with a good fit,
and put emphasis on natural fiber,
if you prefer a hand-knitted lace without seam,
and all this for a reasonable price...
then you’re at the right place with us!

The Nines offers you a wide range of colorful socks of combed cotton for everyday use. Our cotton is made of pure natural fiber and is subject to a strict selection process.

But why even opt for cotton socks?


Characteristics and quality

Cotton is a very hard-wearing natural fiber, which is extracted from the seeds of the plants. The longer the fibers the higher the quality of the fabric. Short fibers and knots are removed during the combing procedure, which results in a smoother, finer quality and avoids irregular spots.

In addition, cotton socks ensure a pleasant-to-wear-sensation due to their softness and do not scratch at all. All our socks are comfortable and skin-friendly. They always optimally adapt to the wearer's feet and are made of natural, well-tolerated materials. There are very few people who are allergic to cotton.

Another great advantage of our socks is their heat resistance, which makes them particularly easy to clean. The fabric remains soft and stable in shape even after many wash cycles. This durability not only guarantees long-lasting and tearproof socks that are up for anything, but also well-washable ones which you can just throw into the washing machine.

Furthermore, any moisture and humidity is conducted away from the foot, which prevents unpleasant odors in closed shoes and favors the breathing of your foot at the same time. In addition, our cotton socks can be worn at any time of the year, as they have a cooling effect in the summer time, but keep your feet warm during the months of winter.

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Cotton Lisle

Cotton lisle, also known as mercerized cotton, refers to a cotton fiber which has undergone the process of mercerization. Mercerization, invented by John Mercer in 1844, is a chemical treatment applied to cotton fibers or fabrics to strengthen them. The cotton fibers are impregnated with a concentrated solution of cold NaOH. The resulting socks have a lustrous appearance, which is retained even after repeated washing. Cotton lisle socks are not only comfortable but also have a greater tear resistance.

Our socks packs

Discover our handy socks packs! One pair of high-quality socks made of pure cotton for each day of the week, that's the trick of our socks pack' system. You have the choice between the weekly pack "35h", which includes 5 pairs of socks, and the weekly pack "50h" with 7 pairs of socks. Give your creativity free rein and put together your own box of socks. Choose from our large color palette, ranging from bright over colorful to darker and more discrete colors.


Handmade in Italy

Our socks are all hand-crafted in the Apulia region of Italy. For more information read our article about the origin and production of our socks.

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