Where do our socks come from ?


Our socks are made in Italy, in the Apulia region, renowned for its expertise in weaving socks. The Hosier took care to get trusted partners, working in the tradition of Italian weavers.


The Hosier offers you various sock materials

socks material

Socks of 100% Scottish yarn

chaussettes fil ecosse

Comprised of several cotton threads assembled and twisted, the Scottish yarn is mercerised. This allows it to acquire its shiny quality, flexibility and strength. The quality of Scottish yarn is a real benchmark for socks.

Socks of "pure new wool with the Woolmark"

chaussettes laine wolmark

Our series made of 100% fine virgin wool is particularly suitable for winter. The wool yarn is fine and provides a special comfort while keeping your feet warm. The Woolmark certificate is used to identify the products that contain from the shearing of healthy live animals, as opposed to wool recovered from the fleeces of slaughtered animals and recycled wool.

Cotton socks

chaussettes coton

Our cotton socks are ideal for everyday use and are characterised by their strength. The cotton we use is subjected to a rigorous selection process and is made from 100% natural fibre. This series of colourful socks are manufactured in the Apulia region.


A meticulous manufacturing process
Raw material

Whether it's a product made from wool or cotton, the artisans of our workshop make sure of the cleanliness and quality of the selected material.

The wool is spun, the cotton is combed or mercerized in order to obtain the clean sheen that is characteristic of Scottish yarn.

mercerisation chaussettes

Mercerisation of cotton.


The dyeing of the socks follows a defined quality process: the spools of thread are immersed in several baths at precise temperatures and and for precise lengths of time. The dyeing of the thread must take place before the weaving process to ensure a uniform colour of the sock. This method ensures a durable colour and an impeccable quality.

mercerisation chaussettes

Spools of thread after dyeing, ready for weaving.


Weaving is a production process in which the threads are interwoven at right angles to form the fabric and produce the different parts of the sock.

The weaving is done on high-tech machines to be sure to get an accurate and consistent density. Socks that are too thin or too thick will not properly combine lightness, comfort and durability, which is why it is important to find a balance.

tissage chaussettes

Re-meshing and finishing

After the weaving is completed, the socks are reinforced at the tip of the foot and at the heel, to prevent premature wear.

Re-meshing is the most delicate stage of the making of a sock, as it provides a delicate seam so that the sock perfectly follows the contours of the foot. It is the guarantor of your comfort. For maximum accuracy, this step is therefore done by hand, by our experienced craftsmen.


Re-meshing being done by hand.

Quality Control

Our visits to our suppliers have allowed us to get to know their expertise. Our weaving department, equipped with high-tech machinery, is nonetheless provided with a wise human control as well. Technicians and operators in this workshop carry out a thorough initial quality control and make an analysis of the slightest imperfection. A second check is then done by us in our Paris office. It is in particular these quality control procedures that ensure that the structural quality of all products from The Nines is impeccable.

controle chaussettes

Meticulous quality control of the socks upon completion of the re-meshing.

Ironing and packaging.


Insertion of tissue paper in each sock.

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