2 mars 2023

How to prepare your wardrobe for spring ?

Spring seems so far away when it is so close... The current temperatures still force us to wear several layers of clothes when all we want to do is to take off as much as possible and finally enjoy the nice days with milder temperatures.

comment préparer sa garde pour le printemps

As you can see, you'll have to wait a little longer. This is not the time to say goodbye to down jackets, parkas and sweaters, keep them warm in your closet, they will be very useful.

To make the wait seem shorter, we can already start to apprehend the spring wardrobe. When spring arrives, you'll be ready and won't have to panic about what to buy and what to wear.

The key word here is anticipation. It's what will keep you from making unreasonable, impulsive purchases with clothes that don't fit and that you will probably never wear. The goal is for you to arrive in spring with a harmonious and minimalist wardrobe with eco-responsible, quality clothing that will last over time and that you will be sure to feel good in.

Preping your wardrobe
step by stepar

Spring cleaning means renewal. This also applies to the closet, but it does not mean that we throw away all our old clothes, we prefer upcycling and sorting.

1. Make an inventory

Being happy and excited to enter the new season doesn't mean you have to forget your manners. To optimize and make space in your closet before the arrival of the beautiful season, you can start slowly to make an inventory of what you do not wear or do not want anymore. Ask yourself the right questions like is this a color that fits me? What other piece can I wear it with...?

Does the Pareto law tell you something? It consists in saying that 80% of the effects are the product of 20% of the causes and it can be applied in any field. Fashion is a sector that is no exception to the rule. To illustrate this idea, it is said that inside a dressing room, we wear only 20% of the clothes 80% of the time. Therefore, there is no need to have a wardrobe full of a thousand and one shirts, only a few quality and timeless pieces are needed to have a stylish and casual look in spring.

2. Resell or donate what you no longer wear

Most importantly, we stop making excuses for the clothes that hang out in the back of the closet folded into a ball. "No, you won't wear that shirt to the office Christmas party" and "No, you won't fit into those Bermuda shorts next spring." Clear it out by donating what you no longer want to your friends and or charities, it's quick and gives clothes a second life.

3. Repair or throw away what is damaged

In the same way, we anticipate with the damaged clothes, in bad condition that we always forget to take to the dry cleaner. We have time, so we must take advantage of it. We drop them off in advance for a little refurbishment and be sure to have them when the time comes. It's more environmentally friendly and just as satisfying.

Once the reorganization is done, you can create a reasonable wishlist in which you will put the clothes, accessories you need and want. Making this list in advance will allow you to have some perspective on what you really want.

Let's recap : 

  1. I take inventory of my wardrobe  
  2. I donate what I no longer wear
  3. I repair damaged clothes
  4. I throw away what cannot be repaired
  5. I list what I need for the new season
  6. I buy in a responsible way

You probably already have some spring essentials, sometimes all it takes is a little tidying up to make it easier to find them in the morning. And if you think you're missing some, check out our article on the top 10 men's wardrobe essentials. The more you invest in qualitative timeless pieces, the less you'll need to buy in quantity.

That's it, we've given you all our tips to start this new season well. Discover below our spring essentials before the arrival of our new limited edition collection!



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