29 avril 2022

Top 10 men's wardrobe essentials

Are you also tired of having a ton of clothes, but that nothing goes together? Would you like to redo the base of your wardrobe with fewer pieces, so you can make more looks? It's possible if you make a selection of simpler, more timeless, more essential pieces. These pieces will be the basis for the construction of your looks.

the basic T-shirt

The t-shirt is a basic that we should all have (and that we certainly all have already). Choose it with a round neck, it will be easier to wear and also easier to associate with the other pieces of your outfit. For the color, white is a safe bet. It will go with all colors and will serve as a starting point for the construction of your outfit.

A little tip: take a t-shirt that is tight around the pectoral area, but not tight around the stomach.

t-shirt col rond blanc


The classic shirt

Obviously, the shirt makes it into this top 10. You may not wear formal shirts every day, but you may wear more casual shirts. From poplin to oxford, there is something for everyone.

Little tip: choose your shirt according to your morphology, but also the material of this one (poplin for formal shirts and oxford for casual shirts for example).

Chino pants

We thought about putting jeans in that spot, then finally found that chinos had more of a place. Lighter, softer and more versatile than jeans, chino pants can be used for a variety of outfits. They can be worn casually with a t-shirt and overshirt, or smartly with a shirt and dress shoes.

Little tips: take a fitted cut, but not too slim. It should also not have excess fabric at the thighs.

pantalon chino

pull col rond

Crewneck sweater

When it's cold, and we are lazy to layer 3 t-shirts and 2 sweaters to be sure to be warm, opt for a good knit. A crewneck sweater preferably with natural materials like wool or cashmere to have the best quality. As for the t-shirt, prefer a  crewneck to start, it will be easier to combine.

Little tip: the crewneck sweater can be worn as easily with a t-shirt underneath as with a shirt.

Polo shirt

A bit like the chino, the polo shirt is very versatile. It is a mix between the elegance of a shirt and the comfort of a t-shirt that can be worn as easily for a casual outfit as for a more chic one. You can easily wear the polo shirt for all types of occasions.

Little tips: the polo shirt can be a garment for all seasons. For the winter for example, think of the long sleeve polo shirt.

polo manches courtes


The suit

We see it less and less on a daily basis with the multiplication of telecommuting for example, but, the suit is still an essential piece. You may not need it for your work days, but we all have an occasion where a suit is required. Whether it's a wedding, or any other event, a suit can come in handy.

Little tip: if you don't wear a suit every day, choose a color like navy that will go with everything.

The overshirt

In mid-season, we are not immune to a gust of wind or a cooler morning so the overshirt jacket is ideal. In addition to being ideal for cooler weather, it's also the perfect piece for layering your clothes.

A little tip: when worn as an outer layer, choose a plain, sober color that will go with as many other pieces in your wardrobe as possible.



The belt

The belt is a small accessory that we do not necessarily think, and yet has an important role. In addition to ensuring that your pants do not fall to your ankles, the belt creates a certain linearity to your outfit.

Little tip: for your first belt, prefer a smooth or even matte and plain belt so that it goes with everything.

The tie

Granted, you probably won't need a tie or bow tie every day. But, like the suit, you may need it for occasional occasions so plan ahead.

Quick tip: for more originality in an outfit think about matching your socks or your suit pocket with your tie/bow tie.




Being comfortable in your socks is the basic requirement. To avoid sweating in the summer or being cold in the winter, choose materials with characteristics adapted to your needs. Mix of linen and cotton for summer or cashmere for winter and for sensitive skin, choose organic cotton.

Little tip: for more fun, have fun matching your socks to your other accessories.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. You can complete it or simply adapt it according to the seasons and the highlights of the year. Sometimes, a simple change of material can be enough or simply switch from long sleeves to short sleeves (and the same for pants/shorts).

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