20 juillet 2020

Pre-orders - The perfect balance for you, us and the environment


Pre-orders :

a triple benefit for you

As we told in the previous week, our desire to change the way we, and consequently you, dress is stronger than ever. We have therefore decided to take a path that is still relatively unknown, which is pre-ordering. Need to catch up on some reading? The article is right here.

This system has many advantages for you, us and the planet: you are directly involved in the development of the product, you define the quantities produced and we, by reducing our storage and unsold costs, can lower our selling price. Pre-ordering thus allows us to produce according to your desires and needs at an advantageous price, while limiting waste and the vicious circle of fast-fashion.

You are in the heart of our new developments and the transformation of current consumption habits! While some of you have already taken the plunge, it is nonetheless essential to show you the various benefits that you can enjoy from pre-ordering. You'll see, it's quite simple and very fun.

Product development :

from the questionnaire to the final product


How is a product developed? From the idea to the manufacturing process takes many months and continuous modifications to reach the product you can find in our shops in Paris or online. We draw our inspiration from timeless fashion, that which makes a lasting impression and which can be adopted whatever the era. Since we know that fashion is a perpetual beginning, we prefer to design pieces that will last for many years. To achieve this, there is only one key word: traditional savoir-faire! By combining the unique knowledge of yesterday's craftsmanship with tomorrow's materials and manufacturing procedures, we succeed in combining the timeless with the modern. But sometimes, we are indecisive when faced with the immense diversity offered by the men's wardrobe and your real desires and needs…

So to guide us in the design of a product, what better way than to ask the main people involved: YOU. The problem is that it is difficult to send a text message on your smartphone, a message on your mailbox, a letter by post or a DM on social networks for each of you. That's where questionnaires come in! A few minutes of reflection and a bit of creativity: fun for you, useful for us. Obviously we put as many pictures or explanations as possible to illustrate what we're talking about, to make sure we're all talking about the same thing. It would be a shame if the duck blue we had in mind were greener than you thought.

Have you always dreamed of a product that you don't make yet? Now is the time to share your ideas! The main objective of the questionnaires is to make your voice heard and create a final product that you will wear. For this, we suggest general questionnaires, when it comes to creating a brand new product - shoes, cap, beach towel, the possibilities are endless - or much more restricted in order to choose the cut, shape, colour or material of a prototype. We then dissect all your comments, ideas and suggestions to develop a first sample of your future garment. The next logical step: if we are convinced, we propose it to you as a pre-order.

Ecological awareness :

a production adapted to the demand


Is the pre-order concept the expected Holy Grail to save our planet from global warming? Probably not. But is it an eco-responsible approach in the second most polluting industry after oil? Absolutely! The idea of pre-ordering is also to considerably limit wasteful overproduction: we produce in quantities adapted to demand, to avoid wasting raw materials, water, electricity and waste. Limited quantities mean no unsold products!

Instead of starting with the clothes and accessories that we offer for sale, we take the opposite road: you choose the product that you like and need, so by pre-ordering it, you can be sure that we are not over-producing. We remind you, the formula is simple, the less we produce, the less we pollute!

Moreover, we continue to ensure that our creations are as environmentally friendly as possible. To achieve this, we continue to research and test new manufacturing processes and materials. We favour certified materials of controlled origin. This is how we can offer you, in our pre-orders as well as in our range of essentials, clothes and accessories with a limited environmental impact.

The price - even more - fair of the pre-order


The equation of pre-order price and benefits is very simple: since your pre-ordered item is manufactured in limited quantities, we have no storage costs or the financial burden of unsold items to carry.

A pre-ordered product will then be 30 to 40% cheaper than a product from our essential range. This is the counterpart of the wait - we are as impatient as you are, by the way - that you have to endure. Depending on the product, our ateliers manufacture the pre-ordered pieces within 4 to 8 weeks from the closing of the pre-orders. Once shipped from our Bordeaux warehouse, you will receive your pre-orders within 2 to 4 working days.

Returns and exchanges on pre-order


Do not worry, the returns and exchanges of a pre-order are no more complex than the returns and exchanges of a classic product. During the manufacturing process, we always keep a small extra stock so that you can exchange your product if the size doesn't fit you.

For a change of size, the procedure is simple: you send us an email to contact@thenines.fr indicating the reason for your return, in this case, that the size does not fit you. For IT and logistics reasons, we unfortunately cannot process exchanges directly: you need to place a new order and return the item(s) you don't want. We recommend you to place the new order before we have received your parcel back. In this case, the DHL return label will be for free (no cost will be kept from your refund).

If you are not satisfied with your item - this can happen to the best of us - you are free to return it to us within 14 days. We do not support return shipping costs but we can provide you with a pre-paid DHL return label, which cost is the same as standard DHL shipment to your destination. We will refund you once the return package has been received in our Bordeaux warehouse.

For more details on returns and exchanges, just go here.


As you can see, this is just the beginning of our contribution to the change in the fashion industry! Pre-ordering and you is: an involvement in the design of your future clothes, an even better price and a reduced impact on the environment. Returns and exchanges are of course still possible: you then keep all the benefits of this new way of working. In the end, pre-ordering is nothing but good, isn't it?

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