7 juillet 2020

Pre-orders and essentials


Let's change the way we dress!

The new season often brings a desire, yes even a need, for change. This is the perfect time to review the successes and failures of the past and to plan for the future. At The Nines, this revival has been in preparation since the end of last year and is the result of our ever-growing ambition to offer you a complete, elegant and timeless men's wardrobe without damaging the planet while respecting the traditional savoir-faire of our sector.

During our review of the year 2019, we shared with you our desire to further steps towards a more responsible fashion for the environment, for our manufacturing ateliers and, most importantly, for you.

And with good reason: the fashion and textile industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, right after... the petrol industry. We are pleased to note that more and more major brands are now also trying to counteract so-called fast fashion. However, these efforts must be followed by the majority in order to be effective. We are convinced that each one of us can contribute in our own way and on our own scale to real change. In addition to the environmental aspect of this gigantic industry, the general patterns of consumption are also being questioned: Countless new collections per year and poor quality products are issues of concern in the fashion world. While some brands unfortunately still follow this environmentally harmful path, we are looking for ways to escape this vicious circle.

In this article we tell you how we concretely fight for a more sensible fashion.

Taking a new direction : pre-orders


The year 2020 is undoubtedly a significant year that has been marked by major upheavals. Needless to say, the health crisis in connection with Covid-19 has put many things into question for us, especially when it comes to more responsible and sensible consumption. As much tragedy the pandemic has brought with it, it has also given us the opportunity to make room for new ideas, new processes.

At the end of June, we officially announced our new sales system that is now split between pre-orders and essentials. The Sneakers 1855 marked the start of this change as our first pre-order. Pre-ordered clothing and accessories means a high quality production, exactly adapted to the demand, at a particularly advantageous price.

What exactly are pre-orders?


This service consists in pre-ordering a garment or accessory that does not yet exist, as it is only produced on request. A pre-order enables you, so to speak, to reserve an item in advance at an interesting price. If you decide to place a pre-order, remember that production of your article will not start until the pre-order period is over. It may take a little longer than ordering a product from the classic stock, but the advantages in terms of design, environment and price are not negligible.

As you can imagine, we are not the only brand that offers pre-orders, and that's a good thing! In order for small promotions to be effective, they must be supported by as many people as possible.


Your advantages with pre-orders


We often receive e-mails, DM's or calls with specific requests: a shirt in this or that material, a suit that can be worn all year round, or even a brand new product such as a merino wool cardigan. On the other hand, we ask ourselves questions about product development on a daily basis: should we design this shirt more in a casual everyday style or add some linen to this scarf? So many questions to which you have the answers. After all, the products we design are for you! To ensure that we only produce what you really want and need, we involve you in the product development process by means of our questionnaires: In just a few minutes you can help create a product that will last for years.

In summary, pre-orders work like this:

1)      You take part in the questionnaires for the products that you are interested in or that you need.

2)      After many tests, we approve a prototype.

3)      We then launch pre-orders on the final piece.

4)      You place your pre-order just as a regular order and we start producing in the quantities ordered.

5)      After a few weeks, you will receive your item of clothing directly at home.

It's simple, efficient and exactly the way you want it!

The staple pieces of menswear: essentials


Fashion is transient, elegance is timeless. In addition to our pre-orders you will now find a permanent selection of our essentials, which are key pieces of the elegant men's wardrobe. These are not determined by the concept of seasonal collections, as they can be worn at any time of the year. Of course, certain products or materials are more suitable for one season than another, but they will be available all year round.

Our staple pieces include our elegant and original cufflinks, our dress shirts with classic or extravagant collars, our casual shirts with modern collars, our ties and bow ties, our socks, belts and other accessories such as scarves or gloves.

In our European ateliers, both our essentials and our pre-orders are produced in unique, traditional craftsmanship. The choice of high quality materials, which as far as possible come from controlled and certified sources, is a guarantee of the quality that we put into all our products.


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Curious? Take a look at our current pre-orders and product surveys: https://www.ninesparis.com/content/251-pre-orders

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