17 janvier 2020

2019 - Review of an intense year


End of 2019: the coffee cups have piled up on the desk, the stack of scrap paper reaches higher up than the computer screen and the indoor plant has lost all its leaves... In other words, we have been quite busy this year.

As we enter the year 2020, it is not only time to tidy up the workplace, but also to reflect on a year full of changes and high in caffeine.

Since the beginning of our adventure, our goal has been to design the staple pieces of the elegant men's wardrobe, in impeccable quality and at the right price! In order to achieve this, we naturally turn to manufacturers with the genuine, traditional know-how in their field of expertise, a craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation, which, unfortunately is becoming increasingly rare. We are pleased that our collections contribute to the preservation of this historical know-how!

And this year we have been particularly proud of the clothing and accessory collections we design in France and have made in Europe. More than 30,000 of you have trusted us this year, thus, we hope you have shared this feeling. THANK YOU!

The five highlights of our year:

- A new website
- A first communication campaign
- A rise in quality and new product development
- An environmentally sustainable commitment
- More service for you!

+ A sneak peak of our plans for 2020...

Cheers to a year full of changes!

A new website


Do you know the Cufflinks Shop? The House of Socks? The Belt Factory? No, these are not the brands of our competitors, but the names of the web domains we assigned to the different product lines at the time of their launch. In order to make the usage and navigation of our website easier for you and for us, we have decided to combine our sales mix under the one brand banner: The Nines. Thus, we made the best use of the calm during summer holidays by merging all our web domains under www.ninesparis.com. Being fully aware that such a merge would have a significant impact, especially in terms of natural referencing (it basically was like starting a brand-new online shop from scratch), we remain confident in our decision and look forward to writing the next chapters of what makes The Nines - Atelier of Elegance.

After the fusion is before the makeover!

A first communication campaign


What is elegance? Have you ever asked yourself this question? We have noticed that the general perception of elegance is conventional and often boring. Especially in men's fashion, most of the time communication lacks excitement and fun. Instead of following this trend, like many other brands, we saw it as an opportunity to surprise, reinvent and break the rules. To us, elegance is above all a question of attitude, personality and a way of being. Thus, at the end of May 2019, we have launched our very first advertising campaign "Elegant no matter what" in the streets of Paris and on social media. The concept is simple, offset and very entertaining and, moreover, can be continued infinitely. You will see a lot more of our #elegantnomatterwhat interpretations.

Disclaimer: The pictured scenarios shall not be taken too seriously but with a good dose of irony!

Discover all the images of the campaign.

Share your #elegantnomatterwhat moments on our Instagram!

A rise in quality and new product development


Our ambition is to create elegant clothes and accessories of impeccable quality at the right price. Since the beginning, we have always turned to manufacturers known for their authentic, traditional know-how and their social and ecological conscience. The products we are happy to create, wear and offer are designed to combine timeless elegance with a modern and edgy twist. In 2019 we established relationships with three new Italian manufacturers to entrust them with the production of some of our products, such as our leather gloves or new socks and belts, and we have been impressed by their remarkable work. Thus, our cotton lisle socks are now knitted on traditional 240-needle machines, 40 more than the commonly used machines, making our socks incredibly soft, smooth and hard-wearing and, linked by hand, very comfortable to wear. We have designed beautiful leather belts in full grain vegetable tanned leather with our belt manufacturer and our glove maker has introduced us to the exceptional deerskin. At the start of winter season, we have also added a new must-have to our range of accessories: beanies in merino wool and cashmere, also Made in Italy. Working with ever more precious, natural materials and developing a wider range of products, thus bringing us closer to a complete men's wardrobe, are two of our biggest ambitions in the development of our brand.

The finest materials, the most precise know-how and more products!

An environmentally sustainable commitment


In addition to a particular know-how and premium materials, another factor is decisive in the selection of our production facilities: compliance with a certain number of social and ecological values and standards. As such, our partners hold several certifications such as GRS (Global Recycled Standard), GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), just to name a few, and are committed to a respectful production regarding social and environmental standards or to compliance with standards and procedures that guarantee sustainable forest management. We are pleased about this development towards sustainable fashion and are increasingly choosing organic cotton, vegetable leather tanning and other environmentally friendly materials such as viscose or lyocell, fibres made of wood cellulose.

Fashion, as innovative, surprising and creative as it is, has a hidden side that is harmful to the environment and retail: it is called fast fashion. In addition to the two annual sale periods, which are useful for retailers because they allow to sell remainders easier, more and more shopping events, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other flash promotions are becoming normality in Europe. Fueling overproduction, and simultaneously overconsumption, these marketing actions do not match our brand identity, which is why we have not taken part in the famous Black Friday Sale for two years running! In 2019 we joined the collective Make Friday Green Again, launched by Faguo, which brought together more than 700 brands to encourage reflecting on our consumer behaviour. At the same time, we formed a new partnership with La Cravate Solidaire Bordeaux, a charity that facilitates access to (re-)employment, and we donated 20% in kind of our sales made during this long weekend. We then repeated a similar operation with our #socialsundays during the Christmas Advent calendar on our Instagram account, converting the number of likes into donations to the association. And we are just getting started...

Learn more about our partnership with La Cravate Solidaire Bordeaux.

Together, let's make fashion more sustainable!

More service for you!


The long hours of hard work, the thousandth design sketch that ends up in the trash and the sleepless nights due to too much caffeine, we do it all for you! And you have been more than 30.000 this year, who have ordered on our site or have come to our boutiques in Paris. Without you we wouldn't be here and we know that there are no better brand ambassadors than you. To thank you for your loyalty, we have made two decisions in 2019:

1. To offer free delivery at parcel pickup stations in our home market France.

2. To set up a "Tell a friend" reward programm.

And you seem to like it! Since September 2019, 2.500 orders have been delivered free of charge at parcel collection points all over France and since November, around one hundred friends have recruited their friends, thus earning money for future purchases in their customer accounts.

"A large selection, a very good quality product and well presented. First class customer service, which enabled me to receive my order in time for the holidays!" - Marie Agnes S.

"Easy navigation on the website, practical and secure ordering procedure, fast and free delivery at a parcel point, very good information on delivery tracking". - William G.

We can never thank you enough for your loyalty.

What about 2020?


In order to get closer to our ultimate goal - creating a complete men's wardrobe made of timeless key pieces, designed with beautiful and environmentally friendly materials and manufactured according to traditional know-how - we are working tirelessly to expand our product range. At the beginning of spring season we will launch our first, new must-have: The smart-casual leather sneakers! But before they arrive at our warehouse in Bordeaux, we will release our new shirt collection, which captures the elegant retro vibe of 1920s England. Think Peaky Blinders.

At the same time, we are in the process of simplifying returns enabling you to print a return label directly in your customer account, of which we shall pay a percentage.

We will tell you more about it soon, but rest assured that we have some big surprises in store for you for the New Year.

Keep your eyes open!

Alright now, the paperwork is filed, the plant is watered and the coffee cups are freshly filled.

2020, we are ready!

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