15 juillet 2020

Summer Sale 2020 - A seasonal sale under special circumstances


Summer's here,
bargains too!

Hooray summer's here: The days are getting longer, the weather is fantastic, many people are going on holiday and the summer sales are in full swing everywhere...

If you've been following us for a while, you probably know that The Nines and clearance sales enjoy a somewhat complicated relationship. At the moment we cannot - yet - afford to completely refrain from sales, but at least we try to limit our participation to the two half-yearly sale periods. Additional sale actions such as Black Friday turn into green or blue and remaining stock will rarely be reduced, as we prefer product donations to charitable organizations... Our ultimate goal would be never having to add products to our sale section, as this would mean a perfect balance between supply and demand, honouring the valuable work of our ateliers. At the end of 2019, after years of work, we were already well on the way towards our no-sale-goal, but then everything changed...

This article explains why seasonal sales in 2020 are necessary for the retail and why you should not miss this year's meeting of bargain hunters.

2020: a special year
and an unprecedented context


Faced with the health crisis of Covid-19, the world had to take drastic measures to limit the spread of the virus. Although we are well aware that this crisis is not yet behind us, the retail and especially the fashion industry have not been spared: In France, for example, shops remained closed for two long months. At the beginning of the crisis, we worked alongside our ateliers to combat the spread of the virus by having protective face masks made from our shirt fabric remnants.

When the shops finally reopened, as did our three Parisian boutiques, it took a while to get used to the new sanitary measures. In addition, the start of the summer clearance sale, originally scheduled for June 24 in France, was postponed for three weeks to finally start on Wednesday July 15.

This year in particular, seasonal sales are more necessary than ever, as the stock of products that could not be sold in recent months is much larger than planned. E-commerce also had to report a sharp drop in sales figures, as delayed deliveries and furlough were an obstacle for many of you.

Result: this year's summer sales are more important than ever


One thing is for sure, we would much rather have our clothes and accessories shipped to your wardrobe at an even better price than to see them gathering dust on our storage shelves. That's why we are having a real summer sale this year: find the last pieces of our limited editions of this spring/summer season, as well as from last automn/winter, so you can pass elegantly from one season to another.

Planning and managing inventory is almost as complicated a puzzle as the one we put in our gift cards: either we produce too little, which means we can't keep up with your demand and you are - understandably - frustrated, or we have too much stock left at the end of a season and can't get rid of it.

One solution for better inventory management are pre-orders. In a nutshell, these are pieces created with you according to your desires and needs, in quantities adapted to demand. Therefore, no stock, no unsold items and no clearance. If you want to know more about pre-orders, read our article.

But the traditional and most widely-used solution remains the clearance sale. When used responsibly, sales play an important role  in retail inventory management and allows us to offer you our discontinued products at even more advantageous prices than usual. Discover all our discontinued products on sale!

The same quality, 365 days a year


We at The Nines have been pursuing the same goal for 12 years: to combine the high quality of the traditional savoir-faire of the textile industry with the lowest possible price. We are committed to representing our family-run partner ateliers and to sharing their unique expertise, refined by each new generation, with our customers through our clothing and accessories. To learn more about our ateliers, click here.

Our products are manufactured almost exclusively in Europe. For us, Made in Europe is a label proofing of high and controlled quality. This quality remains the same whether it is new products or sale products. Unfortunately, there are some big brands that produce low quality products especially for sale periods, only to sell them with up to 70% discount, thus creating the illusion of a very good deal... Rest assured, you will never see these fast fashion sales methods at The Nines! Such methods are not honest with the customers, nor with the manufacturers, who make each product with the same care. It is - for us - important to appreciate the high quality work of the ateliers, and this all year round.


As you can see, seasonal clearance sales are a necessary solution to enable retailers to sell remaining stock at advantageous prices and to avoid resorting to environmentally damaging, irrational measures such as the disposal of unsold items. The main thing is to conduct seasonal sales in a sensible and responsible manner. We are as pleased as you are to be able to offer you even better prices during this time!

Discover the last pieces of our limited series and complete your summer wardrobe. Or get hold of a product from our archives of last autumn/winter to prepare for the coming season at a reasonable price. Our products are so timelessly designed that a fashion faux-pas is impossible!

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