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  • Location: Piedmont, Italy
  • First partnership: 2015
  • Expertise: Finest knitting and hand-linking

Our atelier is located between Milan and Lake Maggiore and has been specializing in knitting men's socks for over 60 years. Today the second generation of the same family is at the helm of these knitting machines, some of which are so old that they could have their place in a museum. These traditional machines have 240 needles, 40 more than the knitting machines normally used for making socks. Our Fil d'Écosse socks made of mercerized cotton are knitted on these machines, which gives them even more fineness, wear-resistance and maximum comfort.


All our socks and knee-highs are hand-linked by the nimble fingers of the seamstresses in our Italian atelier. Since the socks are knitted in a circular and open pattern - like cylinders, so to speak - the last step of production, the so-called linking, consists of adding heels and toes to "close" the socks. These seams are handsewn shut stitch by stitch in our atelier and, thus, are much finer than with automatic production. With hand linking, there is no extra thickness at the toes, which ensures optimal comfort and durability of the seam.

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