Our advices for the maintenance of your chino

So now that you're fashionable and comfortable in that gorgeous chino you're probably wondering how to look after your precious one. And you're in luck, because we've got the answer and that's what we're going to find out in this section of our complete chino guide. Trust us, textile accidents happen !

How do I wash my chino ?

Because you don't want to take your beige trousers out of the machine and discover them red : we've put together all our tips and tricks here. More elaborate than a pair of jeans, chinos need a little attention when it comes to washing them. Between discolouration and shrinkage, after reading us you won't fall into the trap again.


> Our washing advices.

Taking care of your chino

Here we will review the tips that will help you to maintain your precious one in the long run and thus increase its longevity. In other words, we'll tell you how to take care of it with the help of our experience and yours, our dear customers.


> Our caring advices.

How do i iron my chino ?

An essential part of any casual wardrobe, the chino deserves special attention to keep it looking neat and stylish. In this short read, we'll take you through a set of simple and effective instructions for ironing your chino to perfection. Whether you're new to the art of ironing or looking to perfect your skills, follow these steps to ensure your chino trousers look impeccable, ready to take on any occasion in style.


> Discover our ironing tips .