How to properly care for suits?

How to properly care for suits?

Our best tips for your suits...

Taking care of a suit is not just about taking it to the drycleaners. There are actually some things you can do yourself to keep your suit in good condition for as long as possible.

First and foremost is choosing the right hanger. To make sure your suit holds its shape, you should choose a slightly thicker hanger that is suitable for the shoulder pads of your suit. Avoid metal hangers and don't hang your suits on top of each other. 1 hanger = 1 suit.

To space out your drycleaning runs, air out your suits well after wearing them. Hang your suit on a hanger in the fresh air before putting it back to the closet to avoid bad odors sticking around.

It is also important to brush your suit with a soft natural bristle brush from time to time. You can also run a sticky lint roller over the fabric to remove any dirt, dust or lint.

Don't use an iron on your suit, use a steamer if your suit shows creases. Alternatively, you can just hang your suit in the bathroom with you during your morning shower, this will also save you time.

If the suit is not part of your work wardrobe or adapted to a specific season, you should store it carefully after wearing it. So before your suit spends a long time in the closet, it's best to put it in a garment bag and leave the zipper slightly open so the fabric can breathe.

Despite our tips and tricks, you still need to have your suit professionally cleaned every quarter, depending on the frequency of wear.