Ways and means of choosing a belt

The belt, between functionality and aesthetics

Belts have been documented by archaeologists since the Bronze Age. At first made of fabric, they soon began to be made of leather with the addition of a metal buckle.

histoire de la ceinture

With the passing of the years, belts became unavoidable as braces would became unfashionable and belt loops began to appear on pants.

Which belt for which body shape ?

Considered as the main accessory of an outfit, the belt plays a key role as it balances the silhouette by marking it out. Thus, it is essential to choose its characteristics wisely according to your body shape (unfortunately, not every buckle or belt width suits everybody).

ceinture et morphologie

One belt, two styles

Please find below the main rules if you want to be a real dressed to the nines’ gentleman.

If you have a large chest.

A large belt matching with your shoes is definitely the best solution here. Actually, it will make your legs look longer by creating a line starting from your pelvis to your hip.

If you have a small chest.

A thin belt is the best compromise as it will increase the length of your chest.

If you are small.

Large belts are your worst enemies. They would make you appear smaller than you really are. Choose a fine belt and make it match with other fine accessories.

If you are large.

Keep in mind that you must avoid drawing people’s attention on your waist. Thus, you have to avoid colourful and large belts.

largeur ceintures

Not too wide, not too thick, these two belts (width 3cm and 3.5cm respectively) are perfect for all body shapes.

Which belt for which occasion ?
Work and formal events

Whether you are going to work to finalise the project you are have been working on for a semester or going to the church for the most important day of your life, you have to choose the perfect belt. It definitely must match your outfit while adding a discreet touch of colour.

The custom is to match the belt with the shoes in order not to draw people’s attention to the waist. Please note that you also have to pay attention to the colour of your suit; if you have a dark suit you must avoid brown shoes, which would be considered as a lack of taste.

For those who occasionally have to suit up, reversible belts can be an interesting option.

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The week is finally over and you plan to spend the week-end with the family of your loved-one and you know that her father is a perfect gentleman farmer who won’t allow any fashion faux pas? You should read the following words of advice !

First, choose a larger belt than the one you wear with your suit and make it match with your shoes or sneakers. An interesting point is that you can match the materials too. For example, if you have a pair of canvas or suede sneakers, you can choose a cotton braided or suede belt.

Don't hesitate to wear a coloured belt which can be attuned to your other accessories (pocket square or socks ).

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