Bermuda shorts - Casual smart shorts for men

Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts are to summer what sweatpants are to movie nights: first choice when it comes to comfort! At the same time, the close to knee length and casual elegance make these shorts suitable for both vacation and office.

The history of Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts, like many men's clothing items, have their origins in the military world. It was the English soldiers, on a mission in Bermuda, who tried to adapt their uniforms to the heat of the Archipelago. They therefore came up with the Bermuda shorts and named them so in the 19th century. N.B. In English, Bermuda is called "bermuda", hence the name.

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Bermuda shorts: summer's star item

Longer than shorts, Bermuda shorts stop at the knee. So they can be a little less holidayy and relaxed. They are the "adult" version of mid-thigh shorts, as they are more covering and less "beachy". If you're not sure whether to wear shorts or Bermuda shorts for your summer, opt for the Bermuda shorts, which allow you to do more. Worn with a shirt and loafers, Bermuda shorts will give you a stylish look. Worn with a polo shirt or t-shirt and trainers, they are immediately more casual. The good thing about Bermuda shorts is that you can choose how you want them (and yourself) to look.

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