Personalised cufflinks

A specific event, a logo or a beloved image, imagine the perfect cufflinks, and send us a visual, we will make them for you ! The customization is made in our workshop in Bordeaux.


Engraved cufflink and personalised cufflinks

Cufflinks Silver

Classic and timeless, light and elegant, silver cufflinks can be easily combined with all your garments. The pale grey makes every shirt shine with cuffs. There is hardly a more discreet men's accessory that gets more attention than silver cufflinks. To give your modest cufflinks a personal touch, we recommend personalized cufflinks.

Personalized cufflinks

Classic, themed or as a message, the cufflink is a reflection of your personality. What could be more logical for The Nines, a specialist in this field, than to offer personalized cufflinks? Engraved cufflinks individualise your piece of jewellery and those who don't want to get lost in the crowd should respect themselves and their appearance. A perfectly coordinated outfit with personalized cufflinks ensures self-confidence and a serious appearance. Here at The Nines we personalize your cufflinks with engraving. This is a process in which texts, letters or images of your choice are cut into stainless steel.

Procedure for a cuff link Engraving

But how does it work? Depending on the cufflink model to be engraved, our specialist selects a program adapted to our software so that the engraving is perfectly centered on the button. It is a thoughtful and meticulous job because the text size must be perfectly calibrated to achieve optimal image reproduction and produce high-quality, personalized cufflinks that exactly meet the expectations of the customer, namely you. After adjusting the calibration, the cufflink is inserted into the engraving machine. A drill then hits the metal at several points with the highest precision of craftsmanship. Within a few minutes your pair of cufflinks will be engraved.

Cufflinks at The Nines

The cufflink can be so beautiful - only its wearer makes it unique and an unbeatable accessory. At The Nines, we offer you a wide selection of cufflinks and are sure there is something for everyone. Wear your new cufflinks with pride with the matching double cuff shirt. Let yourself be inspired by our numerous models and don't hesitate to make yourself a very personal gift.

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